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By Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)
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St. Germain Aligns With Chinese White Dragon Society To Introduce Nesara/Gesara To The World

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St. Germain Aligns With Chinese White Dragon Society To Introduce Nesara/Gesara To The World

Some dialogue regarding St. Germain Nesara/Gesara update reposted below…. Okay… I’m first to admit I do not know what is happening regarding many details of the new financial system, but I know that something is happening and it is a big deal and it is completely different from the old system… could the new financial system be the St. Germain and Chinese White Dragon Society led Nesara/Gesara? I would expect many others to be peacefully involved… for it is a financial system of peace this time. For those following this Nesara/Gesara story, it has been a series of seemingly never ending delays… nonetheless there will be an eventual outcome… in the meantime, here’s a bit more on the process and other tidbits from St. Germain… I know many scoff at the idea that St. Germain or a Sananda exist… and that is fine… but feel free to tell the world you who align with…  show us your Lighted brotherhood and sisterhood clan…  and if you’re not hanging out with St. Germain or Sananda yet then give your heart a shake… give our brightest brothers a chance… stand the glare of their presence, it is worth it… to know them is to not even to bother to defend them… their light as does all our light, withstand all criticisms. 

I know many of you have felt you have gained a worthy education watching the bad guys in many movies and televisions… and while that info is useful if you have gained wisdom and not just mindlessly existing in front of a mind controlling device… you have watched the headlines and gained info…. you watched the news and gained info… well know this… the Lighted brothers and sister’s energy has never been present in those mediums… so we here on earth, mostly have no idea how the light is managing earth from behind the scenes… most earth programming has come from dark programmers… no Sananda… no Ashtar… no lightships of the brotherhood or sisterhood… no God… no Christ consciousness… no Creator… no joy even… no joy… so sad that people watch other people in almost all media, and there is little joy… no spirit either… spirit isn’t good for programmers… definitely no spirit… no divinity of males or females either…. no divinity… very seldom in human programming is the soul even acknowledged… to live in modern planetary cultural values is to disconnect to the Oneness and that is definitely changing in the blink of an eye… the “Event” is sure to “shake things up” hint hint…

… as well, no one knows the timing in which the ships will slowly unveil themselves…. for good…. blink… there’s one…. blink… there’s another one… they don’t go away at some point…. they remain… :)

Prepare for many upgrades to our lives, on the brink or maybe after the brink…whatever it takes, that we unite with our galactic brothers… they have led us to the waters of life… but we must drink of their presence in order to fully benefit… we too, must become more fully present with each other.

Is there peace in our hearts for all creatures? When it is so, then they can land, or do we expect them to be dodging our bullets??? No no no… this is why our greatest gift towards the eventual reunion with our unearthly family, is to embody peaceful Christ consciousness of wisdom, power and love in I AM Presence.

Our star family have been working together beyond time… synergizing in strength in numbers of their own wisdom, power and love… I’m pretty sure they can help us figure out a few basic earth problems… stand tall earthings… prepare for the unexpected… prepare for visits from heaven… and prepare for a heaven-led new financial system… welcome it… question it yes… but at least support those who help you mold the keys to your freedom… ultimately St. Germain is highly involved in that process… there are many others… leading towards a worldwide network.

The new financial system isn’t about saving us… but it certainly will help us alleviate our focus on basic needs… so that we can ultimately focus on our spiritual ascension… release all addictions to the physical world and embody only love, to ultimately ascend… to ride this planet to the centre of the Multiverse in the body you are currently in…

Earthly Passengers On A Ride To The Centre Of The Multiverse Via The Third Grand Experiment 

Nibiru ====> First Shock And Panic, Then The Sociological Phase 

Yes We Are In A Reality Show Hologram, Televised To The Multiverse, And Earth Is Becoming A Bluestar 

Major Earthquakes Changed Tilt, Spin And Shape Of Earth, Causing Worldwide Flooding; “Too Much, Too Little, Or Too Dirty”

Indian in the machine


St. Germaine channeled by James McConnell
Have U’Lala channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)

“Hava U’Lala”

Hello. I am Hava U’Lala. It is our pleasure to be here with you today and to take you through this experience. This group has stepped forward to say yes! We will participate with planetary healing and with addressing issues around the planet.

When Master Archangel Michael came to us and asked if we would be willing to serve you in this way and we said we would be honored to take such brave warriors on this journey. We are here to be of love for we are, let us say, “The Love Brigade” and it was our immense pleasure to take you to our realm today and to share with you the love we hold for you and for all in creation.

And yes we would be here today to speak of your path at the moment and the path moving forward, for it is important to remember the spiritual side as the physical side and the physical aspects that are changing the planet continue to unfold in rapid fashion. It is important for you, especially those in this group who have worked so hard to expand and to trust that Third Eye vision, to trust the heart that has been developing in each of you and in you as a group.

In working with those of you in this group, it is important to remind you of the spiritual side for in your celebrations it is easy to get swept up and to forget these aspects of you being. This will become less important as you move through the Ascension process more and more but as you are straddling the worlds it is easy to be distracted.

When the moment comes that those things you have as evil and darkness in your world, you see them disappearing then it is in your best interest to be ever-vigilant yourselves. Remind yourselves that balance is what is important. There will be opportunities for play, opportunities for joyous activities with family and friends. All of those are wonderful experiences but we ask that you make time for gratitude.

We ask that you remember to make time for quiet times to continue to exercise your spiritual side. Remember to put into practice imagination, the vision quests you have been on. To remember that believing is reality. Continue to bring forth this new world at this higher frequency dimension.

We have filled you today to overflowing with angelic love. That has been our intention. Also, it is going to be important remember to feed yourselves in all ways. To continue in positive activity and in positive actions. More will come forth about those things that will feed you on a physical basis as your bodies continue to change.

More will be coming forth about miraculous healings as new technology brings opportunities for healings in very natural ways. And as the Light Chambers begin to welcome you into those healing aspects of fullness and health.

Yes, we did invite Susan to bring you ginger cookies today specifically for the reason that this is a toxin cleanser. Even if it does have an amount of sugar in it we wanted to leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth from the experience today. Know that ginger is one of those products that you can utilize in many different ways, to cleanse toxins from your body and this is the reason that this is a positive product not necessarily just in cookies but in many different forms.

Ginger will help relieve the gastro-intestinal discomforts that are coming with the cleansing of toxins. Ginger tea, crystallized ginger, which does have sugar, but it can be used in very small amounts such as to dissolve under your tongue or in your mouth to achieve healing and balance within your bodies.

As the times move forward, we implore you not to leave this group behind but to continue to commit to your Sundays here. For as the changes continue to move faster and faster the group will give you a source of balance in your life. To bring you back to what sustained you through the difficult times. The group will give you a base where you can share the great and wonderful things that are going on and to find activities that you can become involved with. Know that the reasons you have been brought together are just unfolding, they are not completed.

We are going to leave you at this time. There are others here to share with you this day. This has been my Divine pleasure to be with you. We are of service to you and if you would like to call upon the Angelic Realm, call forth and that one who came to greet you today will come forth in dreams, or in meditations but will also be standing by your side before the call goes out. Listen and believe you will hear and you will hear our whisperings in your being.

Bless you.

“St. Germaine”

This is St. Germaine and I come at quite an auspicious time, a time that has been a long time awaited by many of you. Yes, you have heard over and over, “Now is the time.” “It is going to happen today.” And so on and so on. But at some point you are going to realize that it is really going to start. When it starts it will begin somewhat calmly and then gain momentum more and more and more. And certainly when that begins, it will begin with the financial changes that have been spoken of many times. And that, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, is right around the corner.

Know that I, St. Germaine, am involved with this financial changeover and have been for some time now. You could say that it is “my baby” in a sense. I have been involved with this and working with this for a very long time. And many who have been working with me have been putting all of their efforts into this. It is not some small little thing that is about to happen. It is a major change, a major shift. When it happens there will be no question about what is going on because all of those things that you know today are going to change. Certainly not all at once or overnight but as the times move along or as it has been said many times, the frequency increases, there will be change after change after change.

You are awaiting the financial change and when it comes it will be the first domino to fall. And fall it shall. We are not going to give dates for those days are long past. But look at the frequencies, as you feel what is happening, you can feel the vibrations increasing and you know at some point the tipping point must be reached. It is at that point now! So, you will begin to see these various things, what you have heard as the re-valuation and global currency re-set, all of these are coming. Of course, NESARA and the world expression of GESARA is also coming soon.

So be patient just a little while longer, my brothers and sisters. It is here and it is going to “rock your world”.

That is all I have for this time. Go in peace and love. Continue on in your journey and be mindful at all times that it is a journey. It is not the destination that you are after but the journey that you are on.

0“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. Yes, it is we, the “One Who Serves”, and we are here to answer any questions. We do not necessarily have a message here at this time but we can answer your questions and then we will let you be on your way just as we will be as well. Do not think that we do not have things to do to. We do not just sit around all day and meditate and that type of thing. We have our lives as well. You will be surprised when you come to this realm and see all this available to you. It will be very amazing. Think about this for just a moment. What would it be like to think of something that you wish to have and have it be there immediately? No having to go out to the store to buy it or anything of this nature. Or to save up your pennies until you can get it, none of this. Instant! You have a saying, “Instant gratification!” Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

That is certainly coming here. Questions please?

Question: ​St. Germaine mentioned GESARA. I am not familiar with that. Can you explain the term?

Global. NESARA is National Economic Security and Reformation Act and GESARA is instead of being national, being global, to make finance equal worldwide. We think you will think it is good. There will be those who will not think so but they are the ones in the power position now. But if everyone is in the same position there is no more power ones. You see? In the realms to come, in the higher dimensions, there is no sense of power or anything of this nature.

​Question: ​I wanted to ask St. Germaine, can you assist in our understanding of the Chinese taking the Federal Reserve and the IMF down?

Have they taken them down? Yes. In many respects that have done this and it is just beginning to filter out to the public. And these things have happened, yes.

​Question: ​Will this then put the TRNs into the banks? (Treasury Reserve Notes)

Yes, they are already to go, you might say! They have been for some time. Federal Reserve exists in name only. It has lost its charter for some time now. A shadow of what it was.

​Question: ​Are the Chinese the White Dragon society that will in time effect NESARA?

Yes, predominantly them. Not only them but they are very much involved in this, yes. For them it is all about balance for the entire planet and the world. NESARA was initially national in terms of this country, the U.S. but it has been expanded.

​Question: ​Can you give your wisdom and view on the question James raised in the group about the two sides of looking at the immediate future? Are we to look at the upcoming times and be prepared with extra food and water or should we know that all has been planned for and that it will be rolled out in stages to promote calmness and acceptance?

We would say to that, as we have been saying, “To go with the flow here.” To be in the stream, going along with the current, letting it take you as it will be not to the point of over the waterfall. Do you understand this?

For there is a sense of a need to continue at your three dimensional consciousness level, to continue in that survival mode. That is not something that is going to go away overnight. If someone broke into your home and threatened your family, would you not protect your family?

Or would you, “Oh, God will take care of me.” And if anything happens, it happens. You see? We would think that with the training and experience you have had at the three dimensional conscious level you would protect that which you have.

Now we are saying to you to begin more and more to put that type of thinking behind you. No one is going to break into your home, you see? It is not going to happen in that respect. You are going to continue along and the more you find yourself in the higher vibrations the less these things can happen to you. Do you understand this?

So continue to be in the higher vibrations no matter what occurs. When others may be panicking and not sure what to do, you will not have to because everything will just flow for you. You see? That is how we would answer this.

​Question: ​Not quite a question but an observation. I have been walking a spiritual path for about thirty-five years. One of the most common concepts is that you create your own reality. I have always known that but this week the light went on! I have been spending short periods of time creating and visualizing what I want and it feels me with joy! It feels much different than it has ever been. I really feel it and believe in a way I never have in my previous thirty-five years. I wanted a comment from you on that.

Yes! That is wonderful because as you are moving into the higher vibrations more and more, you realize that you do create your own reality. Now know that this has been a saying for some time now in your culture that you create your reality rather than your reality creating you but many still do not follow along with that as they still look at their lives as they are the victims and such. But you, yourself that is saying this now, is wonderful because you are realizing what we have been saying, “Believe and you will see!” Believe and it will be here for you. That is the higher expression here. That is what we are speaking of when we are talking about being in the higher vibrations. All of this will become a common thing for you so that when you are there finally, you might stay, fully in the higher expression then you will have already practiced what we have been saying, “imagine it, have it in your mind, what you wish and it will appear before you.”

So, wonderful here. We congratulate you! Keep up the good work!

​Question: ​I have been spending time with this person and I was wondering if she is my soul mate or a Twin Flame. I’d like your guidance here.

We would look at this and say, “No, she is not your Twin Soul.” She could be considered a soul mate. There is a difference here, of course. And this person you have brought into your life, you say you just met her recently? And you are spending much time with her?

Understand that someone who comes to you at this point in your life, in this point of your movements of consciousness, that she is someone who is on your same vibration at this time. And the two of you will be able to move on into the higher vibrations as a couple, as together. Does this answer your question?

​Question: ​In regards to the Space Wars that are happening on the Moon and Mars, I am interested in the people who are going to be coming forward to bring that into the open as to why those are occurring.

Yes. We said that they were happening because they are no longer happening at that level that you are thinking here. In terms of your Space Wars, as you are saying it, to understand this you must look at your movie, “Star Wars” and realize that it is largely based on true stories here in many respects.

Now, not the characters of course and many things in it but the story line itself, the idea of the Dark vs. the Light and going from Light into Dark by way of anger and fear and all of this that takes you to the Dark Side.

Yes, all of this was a part of this and yes, there were those Space Wars and it was up until recently that they were still going but they have stopped with the changing of the guard, you might say, from the Ancharra Alliance that largely went over to the Light.

Now there is still that which is considered the Cabal and those forces but they have been grounded you might say. They cannot leave the planet in the ways that they were before. So whatever they had planned for this planet and the population of the planet thinking that they could do it and then go hide underground or leave in their ships, it is not going to happen anymore. They cannot do it so whatever they would bring about on the planet, they will suffer as well. So, I guess you could say that they will not do that anymore.

They are still trying to maintain control. They will continue to do this until they realize it is a futile effort. Resistance is futile, is what we are seeing here within the James from your Star Trek. Much of movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek were based on reality. Did this answer your question?

​Question: ​Recently I met someone who said you need activations before you can go through the Ascension process. What can you tell me about that?

That is correct. But we would ask you a question. What do you thing this group and others have been receiving for some time now? Those here in this group and many more Lightworkers are in the forefront. They are the Way Showers as we have said many times. You are the ones who are already practicing at these levels so when the Shift happens, the “Event” you might say, when this vibration is reached you will already be at that point when you have access to the higher vibrations.

When you mentors are introduced to you they will not have to go as far along with all of this. But there are activations that are needed. The DNA needs to be re-activated, the Pineal Gland or anything of this nature, they will certainly be there to assist in this process when it is needed. But it is as the need arises. Always know that. Whenever the need is there, we are there. You see? When we say, “we” we are speaking of your guides, the ones who work with you.

​Question: ​The mentors. Do they come after the “Event”?


​Question: ​ I have a question about my dog, “Alaska”. I have a feeling that he will be helping me with my work after the “Event”. What can you share about that?

When you have risen fully into the higher vibrations your relationships with your pets will be completely different from what they are at this time. They will have access to your vibrations and you will have access to theirs. In other words, you will be able to communicate telepathically with them and they with you. Just as you can now, those who believe they can do it and allow for this access to occur, it will happen and is happening. The belief first and then the actual conversation will occur.

Are there any more questions? If not, we will release the channel.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

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    • Joshua 11:20

      Wow. You’ve been all over the place here lately indian. It’s as if something’s has been unlocked for you and you’re settling in to a new perspective.

      You are quite correct when you say those watching the media are not getting the message of light. That’s never been what the media is for. That’s a place for exceptions to the norm to be displayed and analyzed. The norm IS love and light. We see it all day everyday- people caring and sharing. Exposure is only necessary when the light is being refracted or otherwise distorted.

      Haven’t you noticed the news being cram packed with dirty little secrets lately? This is not so those individuals can be tarred and feathered. This is so YOU can find the COURAGE to face YOUR OWN dirty little secrets.

      Your secrets are your qlipoth. They are planks in your little shell that refract and distort the light. As you continue to allow the light to remove your defects of character, defective characters in YOUR story will continue to be removed from your experience.

      The coming monetary shift WILL assist us all along that path. That’s why I quit resisting it. That’s why I let go of my fears of wars and famines and plagues and martial law… People taking my stuff. And I’ve given up on wishing for the planet to blow up or aliens duking it out over us so I wouldn’t have to take a good look in the mirror.

      Everything is being watched and recorded. There are no more secrets. So live out loud indian. Live with a purpose. Guilt and shame are your ONLY enemies now.

      Didn’t you know? Everyone in a flesh suit is twisted and perverted. It’s the ones who pretend to be righteous that you have to be careful of. They have the most guilt and shame of all. Proper leaders will never be found on a podium. Proper leaders shy away from the limelight. Proper leaders lead in a way that leaves little trace of their influence. Why? Because they don’t want to take credit for YOUR growth. They are simply sharing how THEY are growing.

      • Richard Peterson Kuthumi (Indian in the machine)

        Hi Joshua thanks for sharing your thoughts… I may be doing less of blogging and more music… it’s been a nice run… and we’ll see how it all goes… but the music is calling more strongly these days.

    • Dee

      Cheers, Indian, To Living OUT LOUD! :lol:

    • Truthseeker


      I hate to break the bad news to you but st Germain, who is no saint, has been dead for hundreds of years,

      Ps: its a fallen angel a demon talking to you

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