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Future of Woman, Man and Marriage over?

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Future of Woman, Man and Marriage over?



Every once in a while we come across topic that impacts our everyday life and more importantly the culture and society we are evolving and building. We shall delve a bit into equality/inequality equation and dilution of duality with reality in equality, confused don’t be lets attempt to unravel this age-old “relationship future” of  Woman, Man and Marriage.

Let me be clear, my article here is not to demean/promote or offend/defend any gender, however aim here is to project a TREND of “Future Woman, Marriage, Man”!

The Future of Natural FATHER-HOOD may soon be meeting its dead-end ‘induced or redued‘ and so shall be future babies born of artificial creation/labs, therefore relax and go through this article if you can spare time, this is a bit lengthy article as we are embarking upon sacred relationship of ‘Husband and Wifefuture!

The most basic structure that has preserved future of mankind resulting out of man and woman existence has withstood challenges of time and ages and resulted in fruitful outcome of future generations that again fosters and nurtures humans as species.

However, with the advent of 21st century and beyond what is trending may challenge age-old society lifestyle to very fabric of natural coherent equilibrium of man and woman.

We have seen Man and Woman in many forms of our daily lives starting from boy or girl, son and daughter, brother and sister, father and mother & husband and wife.

While most of the relations are natural inherited and poses no challenge with rapidly changing culture/society as harmony still fosters those relations except “Husband and Wife” that has now become challenge.

Before we jump to marriage part let’s review role of man/woman on different dimension.

Equality of Man and Women as opposed to


There is no-doubt about “The equal rights for both man and woman are essential for a civilized society or to any relation be it natural/inherited or made into existence later”.

However, with some unfortunate tragic events in past century has led to a great divide the way laws, state/government and “bonding” of man and woman as Husband and Wife is perceived and imposed that is fermenting into ‘virtual slavery’.

Let’s keep aside presumptions and notions that exists regarding equality/inequality of MAN and WOMEN but rather deduce it and infer purely from facts.


We know “for-sure” that WOMAN and MAN are not equal from physical standpoint.

We are increasingly noticing and concluding with evidence from scientific world that MAN and WOMAN brains are wired differently.

We know internal difference of Chromosome of female being “XX” and male being “XY” also note that here is no ‘YY’ chromosome pair!

Therefore, we infer inequality from meta-physical standpoint between man and women.

Women from past many centuries were constrained by various factors to mere daily household chores however they did not play roles what Man was playing, therefore woman took charge of household perhaps due to their natural strength in maintaining and nurturing family while Man was responsible for providing (includes but not limited to money/house/protection etc)

Now in last few decades we have seen complete revolution, where girls started going to school and college for higher education and benefited community/society.

For example,

Starting from school results we are seeing girls outperforming boys the ratio is soon approaching 2:1.

In 2005, 133 women graduated from college in the U.S. for every 100 men. By the end of this decade that gap is expected to be 142 females for every 100 males.

World over women are proving to be academic achievers especially in areas not related to abstract/calculations e.g. Maths/Physics therefore woman are excelling in biology/biotech/chemistry/etc.etc.

Based on their academic achievements women increasingly taking-over most of the Jobs and those involving lesser “physical involvement” therefore in every known area women  are equal partners in productivity/progress of humans. No-wonder, the whole teaching system especially schools are mostly run by Women now!

So we have seen in last few decades the roles of women changing from just doing daily household chores to key decision making role.

However on meta-physical plane we know the limitations and are obvious. I shall not digress from my topic therefore will jump back to subject matter.



A simple age old definition “A sacred commitment between MAN, WOMAN and GOD/Virtues/Ethics”.

This unique and pious relationship proven thru ages that “Marriage” is a sacred commitment between 1. GOD/Virtues/Ethics 2. man, 3. woman and has worked well however with natural inequality inherited with “Man & Woman” has culminated into having 1st part replaced by Government/State taken precedence over original 1. GOD/Virtues/Ethics.

When original GOD/ethics/virtues is replaced with Government we see all kinds of issues emerging, since now they try to equal things-up what nature created as unequal, therefore the laws imposed becomes unequal since they try to balance natural inequality add to this a tinge of ‘money’ the “HOLY sacred” thing becomes full of HOLES!

Before we jump into this further let’s understand some basics of Laws/Government/Money and you……


Now once you have simple answers to how Government/LAWS binds us all and impacts our daily lives therefore let’s now look thru the PRISIM of Government on Marriage.


Are we being led into Virtual Slavery with Money game played by Government/State/Family-Courts dicing marriage/kids etc.etc?

As mentioned before that due to some unfortunate events in past government started assuming key role in governing the LAWS of Marriage to some extent it makes perfect sense since, Government is required to provide/protect EQUAL laws for Husband and Wife, however are they equal?

We shall arrive at a key crossroad once we go thru facts and recent trend that somehow does not ring a bell to law-makers/state/government.

Marriage has now become almost like a JOKE/amusement for some couples when we find celebrities marrying and divorcing like changing seasons of a year. Further, the ability of claiming money on marriage divorce makes it like business deal where one spouse tries to exploit loophole in Divorce clauses to quickly gain bounty of divorce money and make quick bucks. Now the best part is when the same spouse can continue to claim and re-claim more and more money from next marriage/divorce with no-limit (its like no-limit poker game), amusement for some?

Take for example, recently Russell Brand stands to land $20 million or more from his divorce from wife Katy Perry, reports said Monday.

Sharing very interesting article,

Author writes “Do people miss the old days, when the only running jokes when it came to celebrity marriage were Elizabeth Taylor and Mickey Rooney (if only they’d married, it might have created some sort of matrimonial entertainment singularity)? Now, the mere whiff of romance between famous people is enough to elicit a tsunami of eye-rolling and conspiracy theories about why the pair are getting together in the first place.”

Therefore, for some it has become business or foundation for luring partner and then raking-out huge divorce-money bounties. Both Man and Woman should bear equal burden of divorce on all-counts except few exceptions!

Now in Western part of the world couples are still protected by some-what equal laws and more-over having ‘prenuptial’ before marriage defines the MONETARY/money part up-font.


However, the picture is not that rosy when ‘EAST meets the WEST”, worst is yet to come!

Now, when you look at the developing trend its is imperative to have holistic view-point therefore let’s move-over to eastern world.

Eastern world is mostly influenced by the culture or religion definition, therefore we shall briefly touch religious aspect before generalize with laws/government/money.

Muslims – mostly follow Sharia law

In nikah the couples inherit from each other. A dowry known as mahr is given to the bride, a legal contract is signed when entering the marriage, and the husband must pay for the wife’s expenses. For the contract to be valid there must be two witnesses under Sunni jurisprudence. There is no witness requirement for Shia contracts. In Sunni jurisprudence, the contract is void if there is a determined divorce date in the nikah, whereas, in Shia jurisprudence, nikah contracts with determined divorce dates are transformed into nikah mut’ah.

Budhism – Few variants based on nation however mostly laws remain same


Hindism – Mostly Hindu marriage act is implemented and followed in INDIA

Hindu Marriage Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Hindu Marriage Act was established in 1955 as part of the Hindu Code Bills. Three other important acts were also created during this time and they include 

There is no separate marriage act allowed to Sikhs in India and are forced to marry under Hindu Marriage Act — Put ‘India’ On Watch-List For “Violating Religious Freedom”


India has ~80%+ HINDUS, ~12% Muslims, ~5% Christians, ~1% Sikhs + others.

We shall delve deeper into India as it’s the most populous nations in the WORLD with over 1.3 billion overtaking China with 1.2 billion therefore most of the marriages are taking place in India for decades, therefore we have fission reaction producing more and more kids than ever in uncontrolled chain reaction àWorld’s 7 BILLIONTH person about to be born……..

Prenupt has been in existence in Europe and the Far Eastern countries for over a thousand years now in some form or the other. It was basically done in royal or rich families to protect their wealth. But in India, prenupt is considered not relevant and hence not practiced at all.

Unlike western culture where man and woman mostly starts from scratch to build their new lives and home, in eastern world its mostly MAN or Husband that provides instant housing/furnishing/comforts based on the way marriage ritual has been taking places for centuries/ages.

Mostly the parental home of groom becomes house of bride thus inheriting all the belongings of bridegroom with marriage. Most of the marriages (90%+) in India have bride reside in parental/common house of groom’s family, this has raised host of issues for groom/husband.

While a home is supposed to be shared equally with all family members while house being in name of Parents does not qualify Parents to have say/authority over their house once their son gets married, therefore in-case of any incident of minute altercation with Wife or daugher-in-laws lands the hose family into FAMILY-COURTS.

So we find that Women benefits with Marriage in India immensely since, she does not need to invest a DIME in Marriage but is assured of everything Husbands holds/provides/has even-if it belongs of his parents and be legally in her favor incase of any altercations either provoked or unprovoked!

Imagine according to traditions family raising their SON giving-in every bit to their money/assets/property to son hoping son would take-care of old/ailing parents when in need is snapped away by spouse/wife by order of ‘family courts’ instantly.

Well, most of the cases we see from minute altercation to alleged demand of dowry lands family into courts for lengthy battle. Per recent reports/news most of cases pending in courts of landing parents into courts are being discovered fake/fabricated by spouse.

The accused, on a woman’s one complaint, are considered guilty until proven innocent, and the burden is on the accused to prove their innocence in the courts. It is even more torturous that old ailing parents too are arrested prior to investigation. Is this not violation of Human Rights of Indian citizen ? 

Analysis: FACTS

*In 2004, 58,319 dowry cases were registered.
*1,34,757 men were arrested.
*47,828 cases have reached the charge sheet stage.
*10,491 dowry cases were not charge sheeted as they were based on frivolous ground. 
*However, 5,739 men have been convicted but more than four timesthat number have been acquitted (24,127)

moreon false cases on husbands,

So you get some glimpse of how unequal laws creates havocs?

Therefore these arcane/predisposed Family courts laws have become tools in the hands of women to keep Husbands pinned-down as more and more laws are favoring Women, its not surprising to find that things are not going according to ‘EQUAL LAWS’ but have become UNEQUAL LAWS and beyond   à

American author Kathleen Parker’s courageous thesis is that initially, through extreme feminism, then via its craven implementation into society, women have demonised men and trivialised their contribution, especially to family life.

Read more:



It’s with biased viewpoint that feminism has taken lead into 21st century and has gone beyond the limits of equal rights/laws. Is seems that the agenda here is not to protect basic rights but has been seen promoting ‘WOMEN/FEMALES’ as being epitome and reservoirs of MORALITY/ETHICS&VALUES while MALES/MEN are being demonized beyond culpable limits.


Apparently today’s feminist women/females wants complete freedom with no discipline/limits, also they are growing in number questioning every authority, however I have one question to all the WOMEN, since they may one day become so freedom-freak that following can be raised by all women to which they have no answer:

Let’s ask one basic open question to all the WOMEN/FEMALES,

Why none of the spiritual Messengers/Guru/Saint ever, was WOMAN????

Will they will FIGHT legal battle with GOD now on this tooooooo, hmmm!

Perhaps, a legal court battle against   all   MEN SAINTS/GURUS/MESSENGERS is next???

Ever Wonder, what would be appropriate antonym of ‘Feminist’ for male?

Further, its not that ONLY males/husbands commit offense like DV or adultery however we are finding increasing females/wife involved in the crime too, take for example very recent bizarre and eye-opening cases:

No to woman’s plea to legalise ties with lover 
Chandigarh, January 2 
A married woman, but staying with her paramour, wanted the court to protect her and her partner. But her plea to legitimise the relationship has failed to evoke the judicial sentiments of the court. Justice Ranjit Singh of the Punjab and Haryana has not only dismissed Gagandeep Kaur’s petition, but also imposed Rs 5,000 costs.

Woman, paramour get life term 
Chandigarh, January 11 
A local court today sent a woman and her paramour to life imprisonment in a murder case. The court sentenced 30-year-old Meena and 20-year-old Ved Prakash to undergo life imprisonment and also imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on each of them. The two had murdered Avdesh, Meena’s husband, in Bapu Dham Colony on the night of Diwali in 2010. The murder took place on the night of November 5 and the body was found the next day.

Therefore, have women gone tooooo-far in demonizing MALES/MEN?

The law allows Wife to charge upon Husbands on every chord of relationship:

Pay ex-wife £9,000 for not having sex after marriage

Very interesting article regarding DV,

Living in a Car After False DV Charges

August 30, 2010

by Dan Abshear


ATLANTA- A year ago, after 20 years of marriage, my ex-wife falsely accused me of striking her. I didn’t touch her.  

As a result of her lie, I have experienced arrest, incarceration, conviction, and loss of freedom. I am penniless and lived in my car for three months. I ate out of trash cans. 

I now have temporary accommodation courtesy of a Veteran’s Administration program for homeless men. I am 44-years-old. 

I had made good money as a pharmaceutical salesman for companies such as Merck, Pfizer and Novartis. But I had been laid off and depressed for a year.  

The night my former wife falsely accused me of violent crimes, she took my daughter and moved in with a girlfriend, who also had falsely accused her own husband a few years ago. I’m convinced they planned this together.  

She filed a restraining order against me and I had two minutes to get out of my home. When I tried to retrieve a pair of shoes from my wife’s SUV, I was arrested and spent 41 days in jail. While I was in jail, she sold our $250,000 house and captured all our joint assets. I had paid $30,000 of the down payment for that house. 

I’ve been denied access to my 12-year-old-daughter entirely. The pain of this particular injury is indescribable.

My primary concern is the safety and well-being of my daughter. In fact, men typically do not leave an abusive relationship because they often fear for their children’s safety. I raised my daughter. My wife never participated.


Gender biased stereotypes have ultimately placed me at the mercy of our pathetic family law system who absolutely know nothing about me. They do not care to know me.

The following was retrieved from, ’50 Domestic Violence Myths’:

1. Women are just as likely as men to engage in partner aggression, according to hundreds of studies. Partner violence, if it happens, is often mutual. Self defense accounts for only fifteen percent or so of partner aggression.

2. Less than five percent of domestic violence incidents involve couples in an intact marital relationship, such as mine was. Studies show marriage is clearly the safest partner relationship. In fact, most cases of family conflict do not involve physical violence at all. Mine never did.

3. I have a restraining order against me now. Over 2/3 of restraining orders issued are determined to be either unnecessary or false. Also, these orders do not prevent future violence from happening. 

In fact, restraining orders may encourage violence. 

Also, if I attempt to reconcile, I will get arrested. If I send my daughter a birthday card, I will be in jail. I’ve not spoken with or seen my wife or daughter in over two months now. Yet I’ve been arrested often during this time.

There is overt gender bias in the family law system. For example, if a man kills his wife, he will get about 20 years in prison, as he should. However, if a woman kills her husband, she will get about 5 years in prison. 

Also, in divorce court, women are granted sole custody of their children about 65 percent of the time. There is in fact a frightening fatherhood crisis in our country. All modesty aside, as a dad, I completely rock out loud.

I’m a victim of domestic abuse myself. I suffered over a decade of brutal physical and emotional child abuse that you likely do not want to know about.  

Meanwhile, I suggest that others stay out of this system. Resolve your disputes through negotiation. Do not share your dirty laundry with these anti-family law enforcers. Do not fight for your rights in a courtroom. By that time, it is too late.

I’m presently losing this battle, but I continue to stand up after I’ve been slammed to the ground several times. I’ll stand up again.

I’m not angry or hateful about what is happening to me- this surreal nightmare that has manifested into a bizarre reality. I will not lower myself to be this way ever. And I will also never live in fear as a result of what is happening to me. If I do become fearful, I will lose this fight completely. And this is a fight I cannot lose. I love my daughter way too much.

So likely I will be in jail again. This is just a fact about my life now. That’s OK, though. Because some battles need to be fought, and the results can lead to suffering.

So I fight.

She tried to poison dad earlier: Boy 
Chandigarh, September 16 
“We’ve lost all hope. We don’t have any food nor a roof to cover our heads”, bewailed Mukesh, the 12-year-old son of Govind Singh Rana, who was murdered in Badheri village yesterday. His mother, Maheshwari, 30, was arrested on charges of killing her husband at their rented accommodation.

(Left) Mukesh, son of the victim; (Right) Mukesh’s siblings Rakesh and Anita



Should the other woman in a man’s life get maintenance? SC to decide

Indian Express - ‎ ‎

The Supreme Court is set to decide whether the “other woman” in a man’s life can also be granted maintenance under existing laws.

SC to examine whether a live-in partner should get maintenance Hindustan Times

You may have to pay for dumping girlfriend Daily News & Analysis


Question, why does law goes beyond equality to protest mothers/women despite later being proven that Father/Husband was not guilty.


Well, few plausible reasons from various sources indicates that State/Government/Family-courts “invest” in the ‘Future’, yes they see the future being Kids and for some reason presume that Mothers are better provider than Fathers and further they can keep the pressure on Males, further the ‘money’ vicious circle keeps rotating on-its-own and benefits everyone on its rotation.

The collision course: conundrum……..

One must remember that thru ages Males has been responsible for earning/providing/protecting the family the role still has not changed however, the role of women has seen tremendous change in past few decades where women have entered the domain that was dominated by males therefore there is one conundrum who shall nurture the future ‘the kids’?

So-far we have not entered the realm of ‘KIDS’ since it is a topic beyond scope of this one article alone. However, we have seen that in most cases of marriage dispute the KIDS custody goes to Women/Mothers and Fathers have to keep fighting prolonged battle to prove their rights further, the associated support money goes from father to mother mostly.

Check this another article,

“Over the years I have met many, many men whose lives have been ruined by the legal system”.  Gary Hunt describes the punishment Family Courts mete out to men who aren’t Freemasons or pedophiles. 
by Gary Hunt
I am 59 years old, with two wonderful daughters. I am a licensed mental health professional in California. I have an M.A, and a B.S. in Cultural Anthropology. I was divorced after 19 years of marriage. I am happily single.

Let’s now get-on to ‘lighter side’ of life before we get too vexed into what in marriage has gone wrong?

We are seeing various writers writing all kinds of amusing stuff:

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
The world’s thinnest book has only one word written in it: *”Everything”* ; and the book is titled: “What Women Want!”
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
A man who surrenders when he’s WRONG, is HONEST.
A man who surrenders when he’s NOT SURE, is WISE.
A man who surrenders when he’s RIGHT, is a HUSBAND
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
Girlfriends are like chocolates, taste good anytime.
Lovers are like PIZZAS, Hot and spicy, eaten frequently.
Wives are like Brocolli, eaten when there’s no choice
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
Man receives telegram: Wife dead – should be buried or Cremated?
Man: Don’t take any chances. Burn the body and bury the ash.
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
Q: Why dogs don’t marry?
A: Because they are already leading a dog’s life!
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
Fact of life: One woman brings you into this world crying & The other ensures you continue to do so for the rest of your Life!
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———
Q: Why doesn’t law permit a man to marry a second Woman?
A: Because as per law you cannot be punished twice for the Same offence
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

Man: I want a divorce. My wife hasn’t spoken to me in six Months.
Lawyer: Better think it over. Wives like that are hard to get!

———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——-
The bride, upon her engagement, went to her mother & said, “I’ve found a man just like father!”
Mother replied, “So what do you want from me, sympathy?”
———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ———

Hope above has lighten-you up.

Now, let’s move-on where things are headed!

So on Morality/Ethics and Values proven cases I had earlier asked Feminist Females/Women on open question?

Today’s women/females wants complete freedom with no discipline/limits, also they are growing in number questioning every authority, however I have one question to all the WOMEN, since they may one day become so freedom-freak that following can be raised by all women to which they have no answer:

Let me ask one basic open question to all the WOMEN/FEMALES,

Why none of the spiritual Messengers/Guru/Saint  ever,  was WOMAN????

Will they will FIGHT legal battle with GOD now on this tooooooo, hmmm!

Perhaps, a legal court battle against   all   MEN SAINTS/GURUS/MESSENGERS is next???


While there is no-end of cases of both MALE and FEMALE found/discovered in violating laws of using them for their ulterior motives that does not resolve the crisis rather becomes a complete recipe of disaster for the family and incase of kids, deprives kids of their basic right of have love/affection of both mother AND father.

Therefore, its no surprise that we are now finding ‘marriage’ living on life-support and facing near extinction especially in Western World however the trend is catching-up in Eastern world as-well.

What can be done to free MAN and WOMEN from the    ’virtual slavery’    of ‘Family Courts’ or Marriage legal binding?

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    • sjsrana

      Unable to upload last part of the Article, therefore enclosing herein:

      What can be done to free MAN and WOMEN from the virtual slavery of ‘Family Courts’ or Marriage legal binding?

      Watch this before we understand ‘virtual slavery’:

      As mentioned before marriage “A sacred commitment between MAN, WOMAN and GOD/Virtues/Ethics” and let’s keep it this way and not have MONEY/Government/State dictate the terms of Marriage.

      Government should have simple equal laws that are regularly tried in regular courts of violence/assault/rape/attempt-to-murder/murder etc. and not some special Family Courts having arcane laws binding/bonding simple marriage relationship and turning-marriage into flourishing business for ‘Family Courts’ and their supporting Lawyers!

      Divorce should be limited to maximum of 2 for MAN or WOMAN both, since they can’t gamble their and others lives on roll of dice with ‘click/miss’ in marriage, except involving natural death of spouse.

      In case of divorce the ‘money’ part should not be allowed to enter at all, keep money aside, since marriage is not a business deal for Male or Female it has perhaps become profession for Family-courts lawyers to promise max-divorce-bounty deal to their spouses.

      In case of even Kids (e.g. 2,4,6…) divide them equally in normal divorce case, incase of odds kids (1,3,5….) preference to mothers can be given.

      With the onslaught of GENE therapy we are at precarious crossroads of this whole ‘MARRIAGE’ system and foundation shall be challenged with some jaw-dropping new developments, for example imagine a Child having TWO BIO MOTHERS?
      Genetic research: how many parents is too many?‎ A couple or individual can produce a child using donor sperm from a man they have never met. In the main, these technologies have been beneficial, …’Three-parent IVF’ may be made legal in UK, says minister‎ The Independent

      Why the marriage rate keeps dropping as we progress further into 21st century,
      Why Is The Marriage Rate So Low?‎Huffington Post (blog) – 3 days agoHuffington Post Weddings recently headlined the drastic drop in the American marriage rate and discussed many marital issues including the pros and cons of …

      Not sure what role shall ‘Family Courts’ play here in case of awarding legal custodians in-case there is altercations between two BIO mothers and Father?

      So be-happy that you are living in times when you just have to deal with one spouse as future does not promise a-lot more in terms of parenthood, further the shopping by Females/Women to be mothers for donor father sperm now goes online with ever more females/women opting anonyms father shopping…..and now they are creating SPERMS in LABS = GAME-OVER!

      Scientists take major step toward creating male sperm in a laboratory‎
      Men’s days numbered as sperm grown in lab‎ TNT Magazine

      Therefore, these above mentioned simple laws that keeps ‘family court business machine out’ and remove ‘money’ from picture can foster marriage and relationship into future otherwise the FUTURE does not hold much promise for ‘MARRIAGE’!

    • sjsrana

      Very TRAGIC event, who is to blame here?

      Folks, as discussed in original article, marriage is a sacred commitment between man, woman and God/ethics/virtues/morality anyone missing in this equation then MARRIAGE ceases to exist, no-matter how government/LAWS interpret it or enforce it!

    • sjsrana

      WAR ON WOMEN or Women after complete authority/power?

      Currently LAW-system DICTATES following:

      Man can’t force wife to conceive,
      rules high court

      Agenda NWO: New Women Order?

    • sjsrana


      Yes, they are going to produce next generations like ‘GMO PRODUCE’ and have already created SPERMS in LABS, who knows when WOMEN BUY SPERMS is it REAL or ZOMBIE SPERM created in LABS!

      So KEEP VOTING: Democratic-Dictators governed by ELITE RULERS!

    • sjsrana

      WOMEN DV(domestic violence) goes unnoticed, though below CASE is EXTREME!

      Mother stabs 4-year-old 21 times on chest

      While MEN are involved in following GRUESOME ACTS openly:
      COPS/POLICE mandated to SERVE and PROTECTED and are PAID, however increasing more cases are being unearthed of their MIS-DEEDS and MISUSE/ABUSE of POWER entrusted in them:


      Here COPS RAPES/ABUSES MINORS per reports:

      While Democratic-Dictators are no-better, the whole SYSTEM seem out-of-SYNC and downright CORRUPT/IMMORAL unless citizens take-charge!

    • sjsrana


      We know “for-sure” that WOMAN and MAN are not equal from physical standpoint.

      We are increasingly noticing and concluding with evidence from scientific world that MAN and WOMAN brains are wired differently.

      Some Questions are unanswered regarding MEN and WOMEN equality:
      Why there are more MEN physicist?
      Why there are more MEN in MATHS?
      Where there are more MEN in PATENTS?

      Eventually, why CHESS GRANDMASTERS are always MEN?
      One game that both MEN and WOMEN can interplay is CHESS, why they don’t allow/offer WOMEN to PLAY against MEN in CHESS in events/tournaments?


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