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Redux: NASA Whistleblower: Alien Moon Cities Exist

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Former National Aeronautics and Space Administration Data and Photo Control Department manager, Ken Johnston, who worked for the space agency’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the Apollo missions has been fired for telling the truth.

Johnston asserts NASA knows astronauts discovered ancient alien cities and the remains of amazingly advanced machinery on the Moon. Some of the technology can manipulate gravity.

He says the agency ordered a cover-up and forced him to participate in it.

Ken Johnston in happier days at JPL

Over the past 40 years other scientists, engineers and technicians have accused NASA of cover-ups and obscuring data.

The growing number of accusers’ allegations range from hiding information about anomalous space objects and lying about the discovery of artifacts on the surface of the Moon and Mars, to denying the evidence of life reported back by the Viking lander during the mid-1970s.

Strange object photographed by Apollo astronauts

According to Johnston, Apollo astronauts brought back photographic evidence of the artifacts they found during their lunar extravehicular activities (EVAs). Johnston claims NASA ordered him to destroy the EVA images while he was at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), but he refused.

When he went public, the space agency terminated him.

Kay Ferrari, JPL Director of the SSA program

In a news release, Kay Ferrari, the JPL Director of the SSA Program, explained why she asked Johnston to resign: he had publicly criticized his employer.

When Johnston refused to tender his resignation, he was summarily dismissed without cause.

After his abrupt departure, he indicated he’d had enough and was tired that the U.S. government had been sitting on the proof for more than four decades that ancient alien cities are the Moon.

“I have nothing to lose,” he said. “I quarreled with NASA and I got fired.”

Russian Lunik 13 photo of artificial, maufactured object

Lunik 13 enlarged photo of manufactured artifact

Evidence has emerged of large structures, perhaps even a base on the far side if the Moon, that seems to support Johnston’s allegations. See Before It’s News article Claim: Secret American Base Discovered on Moon.”

Space scientist livid over NASA cover-up

Ken Johnston isn’t the only one to have a bone to pick with NASA.

“Viking discovered life on Mars” – Gilbert Levin

The scientist who oversaw the important life-detection experiment aboard the 1976 Viking space probe mission on Mars continues to blast the U.S. space agency.

Gilbert Levin insists his biology experiment proved life is in the Martian soil.

“We obtained positive data corresponding with all the pre-mission criteria, which proved the existence of microbial life in the soil of Mars,” Levin told National Geographic. ["I Found Life on Mars in 1976, Scientist Says"]

The prominent scientist is so angry at NASA he’s even created his own website designed to shout to the world that life really is on the Red Planet.

The color of deception

Many space scientists have challenged NASA about yet another fraud the agency allegedly perpetrated for decades: the color of the Martian sky.

For years the space agency released photos of Mars with a reddish tinged sky and rusty red landscape. They got away with it too until independent researchers and Mars missions undertaken by the European Space Agency (ESA) revealed that the Martian sky actually looked very similar to Earth’s sky–and the Martian landscape pretty much resembled the pale salmon-colored terrain of the American Southwest.

Holger Isenberg has written about it on the German site “The Color of Mars.” Here’s a translated link with the photographic evidence.

More controversy over photos

Former NASA employee, Donna Hare, has accused NASA of doctoring, obfuscating, and obscuring thousands of photos over the years. She has gone on record alleging the space agency erased inconvenient anomalies on certain damning photos.

Image purposefully smudged [Courtesy Mars Anomaly Research]

During her time at NASA she was a specialist working as an illustrator and photographic slide technician. Her service awards include the 1969 Apollo Achievement award, a Skylab award, and a special commemorative medallion for meritorious service involving the joint American-Russian space mission, Apollo-Soyuz.

What doesn’t NASA want you to see? [Courtesy Mars Anomaly Research]

A technical illustrator by profession, Hare has just about done it all during her tenure with the space agency, working as a space illustrator and in the Precision Slide Lab. She illustrated space vehicles, satellites, launch pads, landing sites, lunar maps and much, much more.

Hare worked as a sub-contractor with the agency for more than 15 years. When she blew the whistle on NASA, she went public and appeared as a guest on WOL-AM radio in Washington, D.C.

This Youtube video exposing NASA image tampering was ordered removed by NASA

[Courtesy Mars Anomaly Research]

Her testimony is controversial and some support her contentions while others do not.

Did NASA miss smudging this photo?

Enlargement of photo? Artificial? What do you think?

Apollo 17 and the astonishing ‘robot head’

“In December of 1972 Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt spent about 75 hours on the Moon. During their lunar expedition they took the photo seen above. As incredible as it sounds it appears to be the severed head of a robot. As Cernan put it, even though he was seeing it with his own eyes, he still couldn’t quite bring himself to believe it,” writes author Joe Szostak in his book and website.

“After overcoming his initial shock he realized that it couldn’t be a human skull. After all, it was lying in a debris field from an impact crater, which had tossed up all manner of junk and material from just below the valley floor. Something as fragile as a fossilized bone could not possibly survive such an impact.

“Furthermore, exposure to extreme solar and cosmic radiation would have long since reduced organic material to a fine powder. This object was unmistakably of mechanical origin. Color enhancements showed that the ‘head’ had a distinctive red stripe around the area where the upper lip should be, a feature that clearly appeared to be painted or anodized on the object.

“Composites of other frames showed that the ‘head’ had two eye-sockets, a forehead, brow ridges, a nose with nostrils, twin cheek bones and the upper half of the jaw. The lower jaw seemed to be missing.

“Cernan dubbed the area ‘one mysterious looking place.’ Many of the rocks had highly unusual spectral qualities, reflecting light more like crystals or highly polished metallic boxes.

The bottom photo is an enlargement of the severed head photographed in Shorty Crater by Cernan and Schmitt. To this day there hasn’t been a satisfactory explanation for this artifact from the scientific community…”

Lunar artifact is obviously not natural

The incredible Hubble photo of perfect pyramid on the moon

Who built this? When? Why?

The image of this pyramid on the Moon was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) in December 2008.

The Aristarchus Crater complex

Look closely. Is this really a “crater?”

“The Aristarchus Crater enigma is one of numerous so-called transient lunar phenomena (TLP). It is the brightest spot on the Moon as seen from Earth, which changes color, sometimes producing a red or bluish glow, and appears to emit gas. In 1958 Aristarchus Crater’s strange phenomena were observed by Russian astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev. They were also reported by the crew of Apollo 11.

“The nature of the crater phenomena has given credence to a theory that there could be some sort of a power device, possibly a fusion reactor, in the crater. On any photo published by NASA except for a Clementine image this object is shown as a bright white smudge with no definition [Emphasis added]. This structure appears to be supported by 5 or 6 arches. In the foreground is a road that leads to a brightly lit tunnel entrance.” [Joe Szostak]

Russian Luna 9 photographs space vehicle

Luna 9 was an unmanned space probe of the Soviet Union’s Luna program. On February 3, 1966 Luna 9 became the first spacecraft to achieve a soft landing on any planetary body other than Earth and to transmit photographic data back to Earth from the Moon. [The] photo is from the Luna 9 probe. It shows what appears to be a large craft or vehicle whose shape resembles that of an ocean going ship on Earth, coming to a point at one end and having an elevated section on top. A cable or tube appears to extend from the rear of the object toward the surface. Contact with Luna 9 was lost on February 6, 1966 just three days after landing.” [Joe Szostak]

Odd things are on the Moon and Mars. Strange things have been found on the Martian moon Phobos, Saturn’s moon Titan, and a handful of other more obscure moons.

The evidence seems to be mounting that we were not always alone in the Solar System. In fact the place seemed downright crowded.

Maybe it still is…

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For more fascinating evidence and in-depth, expert analysis please read this report #067 Moon Tower Evidence written by Joseph P. Skipper at the excellent website Mars Anomaly Research.


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    • Troll King

      NASA out to change their acrynom to LIARS!

    • Troll King

      “ought” that is!

    • Anonymous

      Love it. More and more truth comes out. I’m sure NASA is doing cartwheels by now and going crazy because the news is getting out and they have no control over it. Why they continue to try to hide this is beyond me. So many of us knew this long, long ago.

    • Synickel

      I guess nasa doesn’t want us to see these pictures. There were only a couple that were actually showing in the article.

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t see the picture, click on where the image should be and it will appear. MAGIC!

    • Anonymous

      Same old deviance, life in the moon is different from here, there will always be misleading to look for analogies with earth culture.

    • Not Anonymous

      I’m sure there’s a book to sale somewhere in this story…

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The robot head is one that gets me. The rest are dubious.

    • weasel

      great to see guys from nasa breaking lose and telling what we already know..the real evidence and truth, now come on nasa stop hiding away from it all, also what’s on mars as if i dont know !!!….nice one

    • One Who Knows

      I dream of the day when the sheeple awake from their alien denial, we have never been alone.

    • Anonymous

      The images WILL NOT copy and paste. WHY ?

      At least SOME of these links have been shut down, or don’t work.


    • HIStoryIndeed

      Yeah, what’s with the 1X1 pixel transparent place holders? The pics shown are some I’ve never seen before.

      That shot from Russian Lunik 13 is neat, I wonder what the size reference is. They appear to be large like the dishes at Seti.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t make the pic’s work, either.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      What a load of garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Sure seems to me that the first thing a censor would do is… shut this whole page down. I suspect most censors would be laughing hysterically at how ridiculous this stuff is. Oh yeah, hey, Mission Control, we found this severed robot’s head on the Moon, but somehow we never mentioned it during the televised Moon walk, and you know, we just left it there… it really wasn’t all that interesting. So where is most of this crap on the Moon, and as closely observed as the Moon is by hundreds of amateur astronomers every night, no one ever sees any of it or reports it? An eight inch telescope can easily see a city on the Moon. Too many other silly things to point out here.

    • Anonymous

      Still loving this. For those of us in the know, it’s pretty funny watching NASA back peddle and completely freak out to the point of utter madness by trying to get rid of these photo’s by any means possible. They got caught and now they’re trying to pretend it didn’t and isn’t happening. Too late!

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Why NASA lie to us??????????????????
      can somebody really tell me WHY???
      Why they don’t want us to let know that ALIENS EXIST???

    • Norry

      @Why NASA lie to us?
      Maybe to help achieve maximum confusion when they and others deem it time to orchestrate another round of False flag BS. Who knows?

    • Anonymous

      Your problem is that you are not old enough! In the late 1960′s, news paper articles from around the world were reporting the building of a bridge across a canyon in the north eastern part of the moon, with round dome shaped vehilcles moving around the area. Was able to be seen, even with my little 250 power telescope. after a bout a week the structure slowly faded and blinded into the rest of the moon surface.
      As far as NASA communications went, only a part of the first mission was transmitted with out radio delay and encription. Right after the photo was taken of the astronaught standing on a ride line and reported a “squaderon of “Boggies” were on the otherside of the ridge”. He repeated his statement when ground control requested him to repeat. Right after that, there was a delay put in the tranmissions that are sent out to the public. No word if they went and made contact.
      So there has been, over the years, photos that have been released that show destroied structures on the moon.

    • Anonymous

      very interesting post from anonymous at 2:54. what the common man has almost nil information on is about the dark side of the moon… unfortunately earth bound telescopes cannot see through to the other side, and the only space craft orbiting the moon are owned by the elites! NASA will continue to lie to the common man, but soon enough, they will choke on their words. when people begin to question NASA… guess what? NASA’s buildings will be boarded up and no one will be found to answer anything.

    • whitebear

      Navajo elders told nasa what they would find on the moon before they went. If it weren’t for religiosity you wouldn’t be at this stage of evolution.

    • Anonymous

      I love entertaining the possibility that some of these reports are true. However, I don’t immediately think it is evidence of aliens. Why not ancient (or more recent) inhabitants of Earth?

    • Anonymous

      Listen to Andrew Basiago

    • Anonymous

      Since we never went to the Moon, how could the astronauts have seen evidence of advanced civilizations there? In order to believe this guy’s story, you have to believe we actually went to the Moon–so all this story does is make people believe two lies.

      The new Hollywood movie on “Apollo 18″ serves the same purpose–it reinforces the lie that we went to the Moon, and also promotes another lie–that there’s advanced civilizations on the dark side, which, conveniently we can never see to confirm.

    • Anonymous

      I smell a FALSE FLAG!

      I smell another attempt by NASA to get the funding from Americans to continue littering space with more junk.

      Hey NASA, those tracks you took pictures of on the Moon, is it possible that you sent something up there to roam around then snapped some photos from orbit and sent them back? Just wondering because its been nearly 20 years since those movies came out about the moon landing hoaxes.

    • Dr. John Reizer

      No matter how much proof is published, made available or released by whistle-blowers, the majority of people are incapable of accepting the truth that active, intelligent life exists on the moon and Mars.

      Evidence is, simply, dismissed by reflex when it comes to the general population. But what do we expect? People have been indoctrinated, through government funded public schools, to believe in fantasy science and history campaigns. The perception of a false reality construct, by the masses, hasn’t occurred by accident. This has been designed and carefully applied to modern populations by governments throughout the world. It is unrealistic to expect people to suddenly drop prescribed belief ‘systems’ that have been in effect for so many years.

      Humans are creatures of habit and the powers that be, the paid shills working comment boards on the Internet and government think-tanks know this.

      As far as the disinformation being pushed about our space agency wanting to create an interest by the public so NASA can get more funding, don’t believe this lie. If our government wanted to be in space with manned missions via NASA, they’d do it with or without our approval.

      NASA is a cover program just as SETI was a cover program to look for ET life in the cosmos. Our governments have been aware of these ET cultures and are currently interacting with some of them. This is what makes so many of the articles about ‘the possibility of life off world’ so difficult to read. It can turn a person’s stomach sour.

      Take a look at the website and you can access loads of pictures right from NASA and JPL catalogues that show buildings, infrastructure and confirmations of intelligent life on the planet Mars and our own moon.

      No debunking necessary, it’s the simple truth!

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Alien bases on the moon? whats so special about the moon?!

    • sugamari

      As soon as I see that name Levin I know he is full of BS. NASA became bureaucracy because of the need for disinformation. I’ve heard basiago, hoagland, kubrick and weidner and have a hard time believing them but every levin I’ve ever heard is not to be trusted. Now if I calm down I’ll go try to read past that guy. Seriously, I’d trust hoagland before him.

      I figure it’s not about aliens. It’s about us and our true history. And our future. We lived on mars and the moon. The reason it’s secret is because the ruling class global elites are going to go live there for the next 13000 years or so while scorching earth and making it unusable for us.

      That’s why billy gaetz made the norway seed vault and royalty sealed up the two biospheres (2002). It’s the purpose of the oil spill, fukushima and GMO and chemtrails. They did it before to US when we lived peacefully(I suspect) on Mars. They did it to Tiamat. And they are going to do it again to us because most of us can’t even fathom how evil they are.

    • Anonymous

      more proof of aliens on the moon this time bad ones

    • Reaper

      My take on this is that “we ” once inhabited Mars until it was deemed uninhabitable, used the moon as a based and eventually “we ” seeded Terra ((earth )). What you are seeing on Mars, the moon etc are those who are still alive but chose to stay behind. The truth won’t come out until private or commercial space vehicles are landed on those planet and moons. ……if they have not alread…….wink, wink. .

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps “They” infiltrated the top ranks of government and NASA and have used their positions to hide their races existence from the dangerous “cancer” called the human race, while at the same time trying to cut down human numbers by starting random wars every other year.

    • Anonymous

      The “real” Government = shadow government, eliminates those who go against their wishes/plans. These people are coming forward, unknowingly, at the behest of the SG. They want this info out now, to eventually culminate the long planned “ultimate deception” We are inundated w/ alien sightings, leaks, movies, etc.,. But, the aliens are demons ! Satan and his earthly (and unearthly) minions, will deceive all, but the elect. See J.Allen Hynek & Jacques Valle. Put your faith in YESHUA. Also see the four lunar, & four solar, eclipses, in 2014 – 2015, YESHUA is coming, prepare for the rapture then tribulation. Where do you want to spend eternity?

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Don’t you know that “The Truth” is only what “They” want you to know,… Silly Rabbits !

    • JimO

      Be cautious with any claims/counterclaims people make, especially those that you MOST enjoy believing — you can’t tell from CONTENT whether somebody is trying to play with your mind. That goes for me, for your mother, and for Ken Johnston, inter alia.

      Ken Johnston performed honorable service for his country in the US Marines and later at the NASA space center in Houston — that’s what the records show, and colleagues remember.

      But the records do diverge from some of the oral tradition around Ken’s career.

      Some sources identify him as a ‘jet pilot’ or ‘test pilot’. However, his military records, retrieved under FOIA, show no graduation from Flight School, ever, and no aircraft ratings of any kind, ever. He was a flight line electronics maintenace tech, enlisted.

      The Apollo photo files he apparently had custody of, according to his co-workers, were half a shelf of binders of copies of photos from the real archives, that Johnston used in his task as shipping clerk for lunar samples. When the Apollo program ended he was told to clear the shelf — his own books only — for follow-on project use, and he gave one set of the pix to his alma mater — which subsequently lost them. No original material was involved, none of it was lost or destroyed by the real archivists.

      While serving, many years later, honorably in a volunteer [non-paying] public outreach position with NASA, he provided bio data that reported he possessed a PhD in “Meta Physics” — which NASA reported on their website of volunteers. The reported source of the diploma turned out to be a post office box in Denver that used to mail out bogus certificates for money, until shut down by the State Attorney General’s office. NASA — and any serious employer — does not take kindly to bogus academic credentials. Unable to provide authentic documentation, it was Johnston who quit.

      Ken’s stories of his space program exploits are very entertaining — but require, in my view, careful checking to validate them.

    • Anonymous

      In spite of conflicting info put forward by many, I think it’s more than coincidental (or random) that the moon orbits earth each month and the same face is always synchronized to point at the earths surface. What better way is there to keep track of what’s happening on earths surface? “Aliens” provided our human configuration. Governments still want us to think they are the supreme power.

    • Anonymous

      Man didn’t have the technology to get to the Moon at the time of Apollo.

      All the stuff about Moon cities etc., is a dis-information plant to make you think man did get to the Moon and they are trying to cover-up something extraordinary.

      Don’t fall for it.

      As for the “Hubble” pyramid. Any video that has crap music or any music attached to it is a fake. Real evidence doesn’t need music.

    • Anonymous

      Since all the moon rocks have disappeared (uh, been misplaced) – yes, ALL OF THEM, and one country actually investigated to discover the “moon” rocks were actually from Antarctica (probably brought back by Nazi Werner Von Braun’s trip there, six months before Apollo moon launch) — and since NASA has admitted to losing ALL of the priceless, humanity-cornerstone, original video tapes and footage (yes, ALL 700 some boxes of it) — well, we have nothing to go forward on, and nothing to fall back on. So, of course dolts like this doof show up on the scene. Don’t fall for it. Think about it. We’ve only ever gone 110 miles up from Earth (orbit of space station). How the f*ck did we fly a tin can 2,500 times further? Answer, we did not, and billions of stupid, accepting, non-thinkers were duped and used then, just as they still are today. eastghost

    • Anonymous


    • Sue Trimble

      This lady looks like a spinoff of the original NASA Occult team from the 40′s. She looks like a witch or something. She looks like Micheal Aquino’s wife, dark, gottic.

      Kay Ferrari, JPL Director of the SSA program

    • Sue Trimble

      Correction, meant to say gothic.

    • Anonymous

      Elvis was sighted too.

    • HIStoryIndeed


      Good find! Thanks for jumping in, even if off topic, that video needs some plays.

      Most who’ve been told to never forget were never even told about that building in the first place!

    • Decode the World

      Good news, the image bug has been fixed! Everything on this article should now show up.

    • Hanging Chad
    • Anonymous

      “Why not ancient (or more recent) inhabitants of Earth?” Dear Anonymous, as you noted from the title here here says about other extraterrestrial civilizations and theirs tracks and theirs structures on the Moon and Mars.Stop being an such earth ego.Admit once for all that there are many other civilizations in this huge UNIVERS.Only somebody with great brain limits can think that way.

    • Anonymous

      OH GREAT!

      it’s now just a matter of fact until they reach the Prothean ruins on Mars, discover their ancient Mass Relay (and how to use it) and we’ll be reaching the Citadel in no time!

      (i don’t want to be draft to fight the First Contact War against the turians in the Terminus System, though)

    • Anonymous

      Those are some very interesting photos. Some clearly show what appear to be artificial objects on the moon that, to our knowledge, we did not place on the moon.

      Some may believe that since astronomers, using telescopes, haven’t reported any anomalous objects on the moon, that they don’t exist. Yet, transient lunar phenomena, has been observed for centuries!!

      This shows that astronomers HAVE reported anomalous phenomena on the moon.

      Also, you can view what appear to be towers on the moon using a 12inch telescope:

      Look at time 5:08

      NASA has publicly claimed that they found what appear to be spires on the moon:

      Also, NASA edits photographs, without telling the public:

      Take a look at AS11-36-5319:

      NASA website 1: Note the white object near the earth’s limb

      NASA website 2: Same photograph, but now the object is missing

      LPI provides support services for NASA:


      NASA website 1: (note the white objects near the earth’s limb)

      NASA website 2: (white objects no longer appear and severe editing has taken place)

    • Anonymous

      We may have to re-explore the planets using our own satellites and rovers.

      The way to get around the NASA information bottleneck is to design, build, test, and launch our own satellites and rovers and send and receive signals with our own antennas and equipment.

      Also, we should send hundreds of satellites and rovers to these planets so that many people with their own equipment can verify these anomalies for themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks whitebear. Great comment and oh so very true.

    • Anonymous

      And thank you to you too, Dr Reizer. You obviously are one of us who are ‘in the know’ as well. Extremely well said!

    • SupremeLaw

      Note date above of December 2008. Did this next FOIA Request give NASA the idea?


      True and correct digital copies of all photographs taken of the moon’s surface by the Hubble Space Telescope, written to conventional DVD-R and/or DVD+R optical disc(s) using Internet standard suffix conventions e.g. .gif, .jpg etc.

    • g-man

      these 4 little videos will set you free;

      i want my disclosure now

    • Anonymous

      NASA = never a straight answer.
      yesterday, a ufo was seen in 4 western states, and is all over local news. shooting stars don’t hover and change color and move back and forth. Galatic Federation of Light (check youtube) has radically altered format since around 9/11/11. Get ready for fun times ahead!

    • ladyJ

      “The Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today”

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Hey “Anonymous”

      Your tin foil hat is on too tight. LOL!! So sad when you people need to resort to making up lies to support your case (another lie).

    • HfjNUlYZ

      You conspiracy theorists are hysterical! Notably the ones that say we never landed on the moon. Lay off the weed guys, ok? At lleast until AFTER you post. LOL

    • Anonymous

      A new book I found on Amazon titled ‘The Answer – Ztingar Goes Life Into Out and Back Again’ has some of the most thought-provoking, authentic descriptions of Life, that are difficult to argue against with any logic. I strongly recommend it, because it will leave you looking at all this stuff that’s being discussed here in a whole new light.

    • OhioLeda

      Actually, Look up the Van Allen Belt.. The Moon IS impossible to reach without killing yourself in the process. But, who knows how they’ve gotten there now.

      Back then, hauling up 100 tons of LED shielding was not possible!

    • HIStoryIndeed

      We’re not conspiracy theorists, we’re truth seekers.

      We know we’ve not been given the straight story about history and are left to put the puzzle together from the pieces we’ve managed to wrangle away from the secretive hands that mean to keep us in the dark.

      We’ll make assumptions, we’ll make mistakes and we’ll go off on some pretty wild tangents. Be patient while we sort it all out, or pitch in and help by contributing rather than by name calling.

      If you believe history went down like you were told, that’s OK too, but stay off the boards discussing theories if all you’re going to do is call those who question things a name that you feel somehow diminishes what we do or who we are, or what we are trying to uncover.

    • JimO

      Why should anyone believe this guy Ken Johnston? Has anybody checked out even a single one of his claims about his own life and career?

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Hello, you guys should read the holy Vedas, ALL planets if this tiny microscopic universe are inhabited, the thing is that man the earthly cycle the planet is right now, the Kali yuga, are not very advanced spiritually speaking and they are somehow advanced in terms of technology but it was given to them by aliens.

      So the mass of people are kept in deep darkness due to their ignorance, so unfortunate.

    • b.gupta

      in india ,tamilnadu ,human souls are taken under earth ,under rocks ,even to several thousnds kilometers under rocks,taking old revenges ,vengenes ,conspirancies ,polatics and given different shapes .in sevrages and made like aliens .taking under earth and beating and burning .please save to every one,every molecules and request to bring all the souls ,creatures from under earth to on earth .and requests to request not to spoil souls and humans.please save from pains sufferings . requests to request to make to stop all quarrells and taking under earth and hells and spoiling souls .please save

      on the name of punishment , taking revenges, taking under earth alive , several thousnds kilometers under earth , even to center of the earth, where no body can be able to find out , under rocks .even converting souls (atamas) to pieces the size of molecules even to newtron, proton size so that no one can search .buring alive .beating , cutting parts of boby of (souls) atama , sending to hell the place where no body sees , making aliens and like aliens from human .joining different souls atamas giveing unnatural shapes .breaking soul cutting hands , legs .stomach ,toungs,seprating layers of body and souls . spoil of budies brains , spoiling souls , kundlanies shakties ,nurves systems ,spoiling humans ,beating souls ,human micro soul powers .
      request you and to request , souls ,grand souls, microsouls or any molecules of human or any creatures should not be taken under earth for any punishment ,any kind of torturings ,sufferings .and request you to come forward to save good or bad —
      human souls ,are taken under earth . requests you to request ,make to bring back all the souls ,every molecules back on earth and make to save every one or REQUEST to give DEATH for ME ,MOTHER ,and FATHER ,and even to my TWO BROTHERS,and ONE SISTER to soul ,grand soul ,kundaliy , by giving or injecting POSION ( which science & scientits can produce ) and ( shown in the “DASAVATARAM “tamil & hindi india movie )BURN infront of ALL ON THE EARTH ONLY .
      request you to from the time ancient ,puranic times ,there may be mistakes of one or two persons .mistakes would have been due to bad wisedom ,bad thoughts or bad fate and were not born with enough fortunate with good qualities not to commit mistakes and sins which made sinner and sinner and could not come out of sins . due to that others also victims .at those times itself some wise peoples would have taken proper steps for betterment that mistakes should not be repeated .there would have been no bad happenings..
      requests to all to request and pray, enemities,quarrels ,old evil (bhudhi) intelligence of sins , thoughts of revenge,vengeances,bad evil thoughts(kama,so far which are the cause for every bad happenings)thoughts of enemities to destroy,spoiling others, hates for others all bad wisedom, be change to good & noble and betterment for others, intelligence not commiting sins and not doing bad for others,and to save every soul ,grand soul, humans ,balas in back bones ,kundlani power,every molecules of humans, gods,every creatures.where ever may be even in earth ,hell ,heavan or in any molecules.

      request and pray —every human every soul either good or bad ,angle or evil ,sinner,demon , god or devil every one want to live as a good humanbeing –please save

    • darkwolfoz

      I’m sorta new to the truthseeker ways but I have read all the comments posted here. There is some interesting stuff posted in these comments, but there’s also a lot of garbage. I suppose the trick is to sort the truth from the lies, the info from the disinfo, the serious from the crackpots. There appear to be people that are genuine enquirers & others who are just using this forum to spruk their own cults. But the bottom line from the stuff I sorted as being from real truthseekers is simply to open your mind, be receptive to everything, believe nothing that is mainstream, or at least question it. And open your mind to the very real possibility that what you believed was total fiction actually has a healthy basis in fact.

      It’s been said that the Nazis did in fact leave Earth to settle on the moon. Jim Marrs & J Farrel posit this in their books. There’s the Bell Project (I’m eagerly awaiting my copy of Farrell’s book) where it is suggested that the Nazis did develop anti-grav propulsion & a base was constructed on the moon. So I am opening my mind to this possibility, no matter how fantastic it might sound. Because the best way to control a people is to cultivate their belief in ways that allow the powers that be to speak the absolute truth, which will be disbelieved because it is so counter to what is commonly believed or “known”.

    • Anonymous

      This is just another classic example of a taxpayer funded program in which the taxpayers, footing the bill, are not being served by the rouge agency anymore (if we ever were in the first place we would never know thanks to NASA’s lies and secrecy). We the taxpayers need to make sure that this agency ceases to be funded by the American public. Let them hold yearly telethons to stay in business.
      We have no business funding agencies that forget where their root support comes from. The nerve of these parasitic ungratefuls.

      They fired this poor guy because he told the people who are footing the bill (for this deceptive agency to stay funded) the real truth. Their gravy train needs to come to an end. This should be any president’s first choice to axe their entire budget in this tight economy.

    • nom de plume

      The reason the sky on Mars is blue and the desert looks like Nevada is because it is. If you believe this bologna than you should enjoy this:
      It turns out that “aliens” have been visiting the moon since at least the 1950′s. LOL

    • JimO

      “They fired this poor guy because he told the people who are footing the bill (for this deceptive agency to stay funded) the real truth.”

      Jeeez, how can you ‘fire’ a non-paid volunteer? According to the JPL lady, Johnston resigned voluntarily when she asked him for documentation of his claimed “PhD” and all he had was a mail-order certificate from a fictional institution. Any organization careful of its credibility can’t tolerate bogus academic credentials.

    • Anonymous

      Where’s the link to the article and who wrote it?

    • JimO

      “This is actually a good article. It lists facts..”

      How do you know they are ‘facts’? Ever seen anybody check up on them?

      How about the claim the guy has a PhD in Meta Physics, as he insisted NASA put on his bio page when he was a volunteer for them?

      The ‘Doctor of Metaphysics’ certificate is found here: (note the misspelling of ‘diploma’, possibly deliberate to avoid a clear-cut false claim).

      The issuing authority was identified as the ‘Reform Baptist Theological Seminary’, from a company named “Colorado Reform Baptist Church, Inc.” Remember, this is the ‘school’ that when you google search it, it only returns links to Bara’s Blog and a porn site and one or two generic Baptist seminaries elsewhere. There’s no other trace of the school. Nobody else on the entire Internet seems to have cited it as a credential.

      In November 2007 I located and talked with William Conklin, the man identified on the ‘deploma’ as “Dean of the Seminary”. He gave me (and doubtless would give anyone else who called him at 303-455-0837) a much better understanding of what the piece of paper represents. To begin with, he insisted that a ‘Doctor of Metaphysics’ degree is NOT a ‘PhD’ and nobody has any right to term it as such. The ‘school’ was never accredited and never had any academic standing. He had set up as a money-making venture and operated for about a decade, in the 1980s.

      Currently, Conklin runs an anti-IRS site ( telling people they can avoid paying the federal income tax. This claim is criticized at

      His description of the “’Reform Baptist Theological Seminary’” seems to meet the characteristics of a ‘diploma mill’, a mail-order certificate printing operation. Many hundreds of such organizations have operated around the US and the world in recent decades.

      See Wikipedia’s description of a ‘diploma mill’.. and here, which states, “It is very risky to buy a fake degree, or claim to have a degree without having completed an accredited degree program. Consumers with bogus degrees are liable to find themselves embarrassed professionally, or even out of a job.”

      Government agencies, in particular, have taken a very, very dim view of employees using such certificates in place of genuine, accredited degrees, for hiring or assignments or promotion. In practice this has been a firing offense for decades, or – if the certificate was falsely used for monetary gain (NOT done in Johnston’s case) – criminal prosecution. Using such certificates to expropriate the title “Dr.” is also considered fraud. Those guys mean business, as the web links detail.

      If there remains any doubt that ‘William Conklin’ of current anti-IRS fame is the signatory of Johnston’s ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ certificate, see an interesting Colorado lawsuit involving the “Colorado Reform Baptist Church, Inc.” and the “Reverend” William Conklin and his wife Mary Ann Tavery, at

    • ladyJ



    • HfjNUlYZ

      Good god, the comments are a circle jerk of conspirators and idiots. There’s no doubt that life exists SOMEWHERE.. but on the dark side of the moon based on grainy pictures of rocks? Lol, have fun basement dwelling.

    • OhioLeda


      My X’s brother as of 1998 was a 2Star Army General and when I custom built his home computer, we spent 3 days at his home in VA. After a few Martini, he told me then Moon Bases were real among a lot of other things “people lacking an open mind” would ever believe.

      All of which has been coming true since he told me.

      Lets put it this way..
      History is a lie.. Where we come from and are going.

      “No matter how well you have imagined it, the IS has imagined it better than you”

    • OhioLeda


      My X’s brother as of 1998 was a 2Star Army General and when I custom built his home computer, we spent 3 days at his home in VA. After a few Martini, he told me then Moon Bases were real among a lot of other things “people lacking an open mind” would ever believe.

      All of which has been coming true since he told me.

      Lets put it this way..
      History is a lie.. Where we come from and are going.

      “No matter how well you have imagined it, the IS has imagined it better than you”

    • OhioLeda

      Strange.. I only clicked submit once and it showed twice.. Sorry about that…

    • Barbie

      I just put the photo of the robot head into my iMac iPhoto program and enlarged it. This is a Cylon battlefield! There is more than just one head! And there are shapes that could be robot bodies and body parts strewn all over the terrain. Has anyone else seen this?

    • amommamust

      Or maybe whatever killed off the civilizations in the rest of the solar system is working on us now.

    • antigray

      Some UFOs are not flown by extraterrestrials. The vast majority of them are owned and operated by our advanced Repto Sapien cousins, who share the Earth with us as their ancestral home world. They are historically cited in about 80 places in the Bible, being described as a SERPENT THAT WALKS UPRIGHT ON TWO LEGS AND IS AS TALL AS A CAMEL (8 FEET TALL). There are statues and temple paintings of them in nearly every ancient society. This has nothing to do with “religious beliefs.” It is a proven historical and archaeological fact. That’s why i wrote a book showing all of the real world evidence.

      Publisher’s site to order my book in paperback or Ebook:

      WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of social domination and periodic controlled genocide. Mankind is now in great danger. We have a terrible problem to overcome. Resolution requires international solidarity, then forcible negotiation… with the aliens.

      Some artwork from my book. Click on each image for larger view:

    • lazyhorse

      quoting darkwolfoz: [ It's been said that the Nazis did in fact leave Earth to settle on the moon. Jim Marrs & J Farrel posit this in their books.

      quoting nom de plume: [ It turns out that "aliens" have been visiting the moon since at least the 1950's. LOL ]

      these are the only two comments that deal with or hint at the far more mundane but likely explanation for mysterious off world activity, that is, covert human activity. if you track the development of the alien (cover) story, from hg wells through the 1950s b-movies to current day x-files, it matches blow for blow the development of covert man made technology and off world achievments. from the early tesla anti-gravity discs of the elite at the turn of the last century, to the rapid proliferation of nazi and nazi copy flying tech at the end of world war two, to the abduction/implantation programs and “reptillian” gene spliced little super soldier helpers of more recent times.

      why do nasa schedule missions to coincide with nazi commemorative dates like hitlers birthday? because they love aliens, or because they are full of paperclipped nazis (google paperclip nazis)? of course the nazis are on the moon and on mars and out there generally, and so are their buddies in the american agencies who love them to bits. dont forget who created and supported both the red menace and nazi “enemies”, a (it has to be said largely zionist) globalist elite who like the “wizard of oz” hide behind a curtain, not wishing to be identified, manipulating events by proxy, like false flag terror attacks, and alien cover story covert space programs.

      of course nasa are arranging “leaks” of this stuff. it makes it more credible. they know we would rather believe the, lets face it, preposterous, alien wow factor cover story, and we oblige them by being such suggestible treckies.

    • antigray

      In answer to some of the questions asked by posters here, the reason NASA and the USG will not have full disclosure about what is going on with the alien visitors is that it would devastate society. It is very bad news. Ken Johnston is who he says he is. I have met him in person and checked him out. Additionally, I was present when a senior manager at NASA told us that he knew what the aliens had planned for us and it scared the XXXX out of him. This is no joke. I wrote my book to explain everything in a way that would not cause panic. I cover some of it on my website too. Check out all the pages on the site:

    • Anonymous

      Have any of you read the paper back book called, “ALTERNATIVE 3″ ? It was published in 1978 and banned in the USA. Why?, perhaps it was to close to the truth.

      NASA has had bases on the moon and mars for years, Were jiust getting the wool pulled over our eyes.

      Were just space cadets, in a world gone astray.

      Look up BBC, Alternative 3 , to begin your search.

    • FrankieMac

      article intro states “garvity defying machinery” found on the moon, but then there is no follow up to substaniate it !

      C’mon writers, we need such statements to be supported with substance otherwise there is no credibility.

      Do any of these ex-NASA personnel making alien claims actually hold the unconditional evidence i.e. the original photographs before they were censored !?


    • JimO

      antigray: “Ken Johnston is who he says he is. I have met him in person and checked him out.”

      How nice. So he really has a PhD in Physics (Meta), is a former jet pilot and test pilot, and was in charge of the NASA Apollo photo archives? Just how did you ‘check him out’? Lookly deeply into his eyes and ‘sense’ he was honest? Or see documentation that you got independently?

    • OhioLeda

      Oops! CORRECTION..

      The Books Icon…

    • Norry

      @antigray,visited your site, if you were real and believed what you wrote you would give this information to people non gratis!!
      You FAIL!

    • Anonymous

      Heres the problem. The indians sent Chandrayaan in 2008 – which did a very high res study/mapping of the moon. As far as I know and believe, they did not find anything out of the ordinary. How do I know? The Indian culture and way of living is different to the UK/US culture. Secrets of this kind wont get kept there. Without writing a book for you to explain the difference…if we had found something out of the ordinary – absolutely everyone would have known – from the tea boy to the shoe cleaner on the street (this is how things work in india). Secondly, the indians would have been proud to declare themselves as the first nation on earth to have made such an exciting discovery and ZeeTV news would even have gone on further to mock the US and suggest they must have been blind not to have seen these buildings on the moon. Leaving the US in a awkward situation. Does it stay embarrased and a laughing stock of the world – fueling rumours that they did not really even go to the moon? Or would they have to admit they lied and decieved the world about artifacts on the moon.

    • Barbie

      But… don’t we also have the Indians by the short-hairs? If we stop protecting them against Pakistan, what happens, then? I think there might be good reason for them to stay quiet to remain protected. Of course, no one knows that for certain… Nothing is really for certain, and probably in the past 70 years has never been. And while their culture is probably much more truthful than ours, protection is a powerful game.

    • JimO

      Barbie: “And while their [India's] culture is probably much more truthful than ours, protection is a powerful game.”

      Barbie, may I suggest that all you are protecting is your own self-flattering delusions, from harsh reality.

      Anonymous at September 17, 2011 4:27 has thrown you a lifeline to pull you back to the real world. Please grab it.

    • Barbie

      I’m entitled to write my opinions, just as you are entitled to write yours. But attacking is not my desired style of interaction with people. And if you want others to stay in this site, why don’t you use some courtesy instead of insults, to make your valid points? I’m sure many others would appreciate it, for a change. Otherwise, you may find yourselves just writing notes back and forth, one of these days.

    • kigginit

      Might these discoveries have anything to do with NASA firing rockets at the moon?

    • Anu

      Old news is awesome! Anybody realize this actually ‘happened’ in 2007? Sure, it was September, 2007, but come on. Ken Johnston hitched his star to Hoagland and had been summarily ignored since this flareup first happened.

      With multiple scanning missions being undertaken by China, India, ESA and NASA’s own LRO, the reality is that the possibility of any substantial structures or recognizable geometry would have been leaked be now. The landing sites are real, the evidence is convincing and thorough. If anyone believes that India or China (or even Russia, for that matter) would sit on evidence that NASA has been lying to the world for four decades, it might be time to calibrate your sensibility sensors.

      Very much would like to believe there is anything to this. Very much can’t overcome the illogical assumptions that it would require. Mars is fare more of a potential graveyard for the remnants of an ancient civilization, either indigenous or an outpost.

    • antigray

      The Hubble Space telescope does not have the right type of resolution to photograph small artifacts on the Moon like our Lunar Landers, etc. That technical spec info can be looked up. The Clementine satellite photographed the entire surface of the Moon from Lunar orbit and got great quality pics of alien structures and spacecraft on the far side. Since it was sent there as a “research sat sponsored by a university” and the US Navy, NASA did not have to release the photos to the public. However some got out. See:

      Keep scrolling down to see all the pics at that site.

      I wrote a book showing all the real evidence of the big picture of alien interaction with humanity, and classified photos of their Mars base, etc. .

      Publisher’s site to order my book in paperback or Ebook:

      WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of social domination and periodic controlled genocide. Mankind is now in great danger. We have a terrible problem to overcome. Resolution requires international solidarity, then forcible negotiation… with the aliens.

      Some artwork from my book. Click on each image for larger view:

      Art Greenfield

    • Barbie

      Never met them. The ones I know look like you and me… only better. And they DON’T do human samples…

    • Barbie

      Also, They want me to tell all of you that people from other places and are not perfect; many of the different cultures are as flawed as we are, because we’re an experiment derived from many sets of alien genes, and the experiment hasn’t been going very well. I told them perhaps they should breed out the warrior gene, last night… and they told me they cannot do that; it’s all up to Us to get along, but given the way we’re damaging the Earth and each other, a lot of Them don’t hold out a lot of hope. I hope they’re wrong, but some of the hostility on this site doesn’t give me a lot of hope, either.

    • JimO

      Barbie: “I’m entitled to write my opinions, just as you are entitled to write yours.”

      We are all entitled to our own opinions, but not to our own FACTS. In assessing the credibility of claims by ANYONE, you proceed by checking those claims for which there is documentation — and then extrapolate to other claims that rest solely on that person’s credibility. If the checkable claims turn out to be bogus — as the FACTS prove for Johnston’s stories about his “PhD”, his “jet pilot” experience, his “Apollo photo archive manager”, then it is FAIR to assert that his OTHER claims remain unworthy of automatic belief.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Shepp san’nak kann , dan KeYY koi .xxx

    • ouivalerie

      I heard the aliens got them up to the moon eventually, cause to keep the program going on, and the game they eventually had to. So, what they probably do is a mock up. Orbit the rocket around the earth, and zip them up in a spaceship that can really get there, make sure they photograph a human skull so you don’t want to go back. They have fragmented memories..

    • antigray

      Dr Jack Sarfatti will be on Coast to Coast AM radio show tonight

      My friend Dr. Jack Sarfatti will be on the Coast To Coast AM radio show on Sunday, hosted by George Knapp. If you want to find out how paranormal things like telepathy, remote viewing, telekinesis, teleportation, etc., really work, listen in to the show, 1-5 AM EST.
      Art Greenfield

      Sunday, September 18, 2011 : Quantum encryption, computing, and teleportation are among the hottest topics in physics and engineering today. Yet many of these core ideas once found their home amid an anything-goes counterculture frenzy—a mishmash of spoon-bending psychics, Eastern mysticism, LSD trips, and CIA spooks chasing mind-reading dreams. In the first half of the program, George Knapp welcomes Dr. David Kaiser, along with Dr. Jack Sarfatti and Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, to discuss how the hippies saved physics.

      In the latter half, MUFON Virginia state director, Sue Swiatek , will discuss the work of John Timmerman, who ran a traveling UFO exhibit where thousands of ordinary people relayed their UFO sightings and experiences, describing discs, close encounters, landing traces, physiological effects, entities, morphing objects, and cases of such weirdness they’ll just make you shake your head.

      Dr. Jack Sarfatti

    • Barbie

      Posted by Barbie on September 18, 2011 12:55
      “Also, They want me to tell all of you that people from other places and are not perfect; many of the different cultures are just as flawed as we are, because we’re an on-going, Universal experiment derived, from many sets of alien genes, and the experiment hasn’t been going very well, to date. Most of us are a big disappointment. They told me, more than 40 years ago, that MY life had been changed tremendously, because my brother and I were meant to work together to positively ‘change the World.” However, they have told me in the past few years, I have done more than was expected, on my own, and that they vindicated.”
      I told them perhaps they should breed out the warrior gene, last night… and they told me they cannot do that; it’s all up to US (the World) to get along, but given the way we’re damaging the Earth and each other, via wars and Depleted uranium, a lot of Them don’t hold out a lot of hope. I hope they’re wrong, but some of the hostility on this site doesn’t give me a lot of hope, either.

      I have no idea what this posting has to do with what I previously posted. Maybe it wasn’t meant to have any relationship, by either JimO or Anonymous. But I DO already have a life-line.. I don’t need to give up what I feel I know, to be true, and to cater to religious organizations – small or large -who teach a religion which sucks our donations and our tithes to propagate THEIR (what I believe to be) inferior, untruthful faiths, to continue their attempts to control; what and how we process religion and what we’ve been told, are shrouded in falsehoods.

      I come from at least 4 generations of people who have had interaction with the Others. We don’t know from where they originate – perhaps other planets, perhaps different generations; perhaps they are us, coming back in time to warn us about our misbeliefs. But I know that my scholastic abilities were given to me while I was in my mother’s womb – they told me so… and they told me that my mother’s willingness to try to abort my brother, immediatley thwarted their plans for my sibling brother and me to use our interconnected gifts to change our world. They SHOULD have known if they could see the future, that as young and immature as Mom was, combined my father’s alcoholism, that at 17 she didn’t NEED another child to care for by herself – while he wasted his life by being a drunk and having lots of other women, and an on-going in and out of the local jail for his bad behavior. No wonder she – a talented musician – didn’t want a 2nd burden! I don’t blame her for that; but she should have been smart enough to do the abortion correctly, instead of chickening out, not taking all of the prescription, and then giving birth to a highly functioning autistic child she would have to take with her out of guilt; and allowing him to be severely abused my his step family, which she was too submissive to prevent.

      But I am for real – a true contactee, who has been given knowledge from childhood that doesn’t agree with standard religions or theories developed by scientists who are continuously kept in the dark by our own Black Ops within the Pentagon. It’s insidious to think that that those who DO know, are keeping most of the rest of the people in America and (their heavy, tax-payer dollar contributions, financing with OUR money being and used to keep most of us ignorant of what’s really happening in our world), those of us who have not been adducted or contacted, a secret from the people who are paying their salaries for their expensve, Black-Ops experiments.

      Now, just because I CANNOT PROVE my alien contacts, doesn’t make ME any less credible than any of the rest of you who rely upon your own theories and your religions to guide you in your lives and your quests.

      My nick-name should have nothing to do with how you judge what I believe as MY truths. “Barbie” is NOT a frivolous name… I like it far better than “Toody” and other nick-names others have given me, throughout my life. Would I be any less creditable if I used my name Barbara, or another nick-name, which used to be ‘:Snowball’?’

      My great Aunt who went to church every Sunday, and came close to marrying a preacher In her later years, took down all of her statues and photos of ‘Christ on the Cross” because she felt Jesus wouldn’t want THAT symbol of Him to be what He would want us to remembering him for… He was, after all, at the very least – the first hybrid born on Earth, whether he was part God and part human – or a a hybrid alien, or a mere Man who was convinced by his disciples into believing He was the Messiah everyone had been awaiting, and came to believe he just might be.

      So, unless some of your other contributors cease delusional, insulting, and immature comments based on my beliefs and my name, I’m no longer going to share what I know and what I theorize, with those who choose to demean me because I’m a woman, and because I’m a “Barbie.” I’m tiny; I’m thin: I am still attractive even though I’m 65 because have taken very good care of myself – a lot of it because of recommendations made by my Other Family. I have a wonderful relationship with someone who – altho he doesn’t share my personal beliefs – sees the passion within me which causes me to seek Truth. I don’t try to indoctrinate him; he doesn’t attempt to change me. We rarely discuss our differences.

      So, I come to forums wherein I hope to find meaningful, open-minded conversation.

      This should be an informative, non-mysonginistic site, wherein we can all share our thoughts about major topics, without insulting innuendos, and constant attacks because any of us – male OR female – have a different view of reality that some of you do. This should be a forum wherein ALL different opinions are read with logical thought, and discussed without outlandish bigotry and hostile posts rebuttals.

      If no one else is interested in what I think, what I know, and what I want to share with all of you, then just post your comments… and if enough of you don’t want me to share anything else with any of you, I will bow out and not post any more in this forum. It’s all up to the rest of you. If you think I’m entitled to my opinions without being attacked because none of us – including me – can offer verification of everything I write (while neither can my oppressors), please let my know at [email protected].

      I rest my case… And since we all know Anonymous has nothing good to say, he/she/it can refrain from bothering to reply to my e-mail address. I’ve heard enough of his rhetoric, and he/she/it has nothing else I’m interesting in reading. But honest input from the rest of you, is welcome. I would like to be taken seriously, and enter into honest debates – not ones based on Scripture with which I am far too familiar. Being raised in a far-too-out-of-touch belief system, has shown me that not everyone who believes my family’s way of worship is going to what they think is Heaven… and not everyone who doesn’t buy it, will go to Purgatory or spend eternity burning in Hell. Redemption is there for everyone, and we don’t have to repent before death to get the chance to come back and make amends for past poor choices.

      I look forward to hearing from those of you who have no axe to grind; just honest, civil discussions which may help me choose whether or not my opinions are appreciated on this site enough to come back..

    • JimO

      Barbie, start your own thread and don’t try to hijack this one. We’re discussing the credibility of specific testimony posted by the original writer.

    • hsn

      Original news is an old story. Why on the earth it came back to discussion board after 4 years? There are many things on the earth which needs people’s immediate attention for human’s sustainability. We better think about that rather than fall prey for false claims and news.

    • lazyhorse

      quote from antigray [ WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of social domination and periodic controlled genocide. Mankind is now in great danger. We have a terrible problem to overcome. Resolution requires international solidarity, then forcible negotiation... with the aliens. ]

      there is so much of this unsubstantiated wiffle woffle about aliens on this thread and all over the web. the real genocidal social dominating threat to mankind is the internationalist elite, call them the illuminati or whatever you want. they are known to be planning population reduction on a genocidal scale, and also propagating the alien myth for their own devious purpose through the mainstream media and viral marketing like posts on boards like this (trolls). their plan is that we all have a united new world order to deal with the phoney alien threat, which is exactly what you said we should do in your post.

      the other kind of alien myth poster is the romantic or plain psychotic who are simply wasting everyones time. there is not a shred of tangible evidence for any of this alien talk, it’s all here-say and voices in the head, but the nazi and other covert space / aeronautic and other technologies / operations along the same lines is a matter of plain confirmable fact. do your own research.

      if you remember “scooby doo”, it wasn’t a ghost, it was a criminal trying to scare people away with a glowing suit.

    • Anonymous

      Where is the other shadow in the pic with the Pyramid? Assisant principal Tony wants to know?

    • Anonymous

      What amazes me is that people still believe what the government says is correct and fact.

    • antigray

      Check out my web site for information on who those aliens are and their agenda, the last address came through messed up:

    • Sitchinite

      For those who would like to read further for explanations on the ‘Mars anomalies’, I can recommend the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, who has been described as “arguably the most important proponent of the ancient astronaut hypothesis over the last several decades”. His body of work starts with his first book The 12th Planet, written in 1976. Yes, 1976! However, for a summary of his work and the theory that we are just rediscovering what has happened before and his explanations about the Mars anomalies please go to GENESIS REVISITED written in 1990 (waay before whistleblowers!).

      Zecharia Sitchin (born 1920 and sadly passing in 2010) proposed learned theories based on decades of research beginning with the clay tablets from the ancient library of Nineveh, Persia and other ancient texts. For me, and millions of others out there, his works have answered all the questions about who we are and where we’re going.

      I am an ordinary person leading an ordinary life who never expected, like so many others, to have such questions answered, but I first ‘discovered’ Zecharia Sitchin in 1999 through some very unusual (almost revelatory) circumstances which led me to seek out his books. I am now sharing this knowledge with all of you, the rest is up to you… Thanks for being interested.

    • Barbie

      I was one of Sitchin’s class… Learned a whole lot from the man’s genius and hypothesis of what he could read, and found him to be arrogant but nevertheless was a mentor. He had the right to believe he was the best… so until someone actually proves his translations to be wrong, I’m with a lot of what Sitchin wrote.

    • lazyhorse

      antigray, i looked at your website, which is very good as i’m sure your book is, and i have some questions. bear in mind that although i promote the more down to earth man made version of ufo events, because somebody has to, otherwise the elite could get away with an outrageous con, i do keep an open mind.

      quote —( The aliens cause wars and plagues to start every 30 to 50 years to generate a large supply of meat. )— how do they collect the meat? what is the collection rate or percentage, given that most of the meat seems to get buried? it seems a little sensational and an unlikely farming practice, more suited to a tv science fiction than a credible news audience.

      quote —( The military has taken some defensive measures: HAARP, advanced space war craft, deep space and global surveillance satellites, and hunter-killer satellites. )— but none of these technologies and operations could possibly explain the ufo phenomena by themselves? so we still need the alien (cover) story? did tesla copy alien tech, or was he just very clever, because that’s when man made gravity discs and all this contemporary alien talk both got started.

      quote —( The [Central American] Indian Artist painted this picture during the reign of the Reptoids, making clear that the humans all dined on yellow peppers, while the Reptoid ate human body parts. )— didn’t the dinosaurs prevail longer on the american continent, alongside humans, making it possible the reptilian god figure is a left over dinosaur, and not from outer space? they also worshiped a feathered serpent bird that preyed on them, and the spanish when they arrived. they basically worship anything that can beat them in a fight. european dragons, like the viking ones you mention, were of the flying variety, who could feasibly have flown over from south america. there are ancient “gods” with the head of practically any animal you could name. the reptile is i believe however the easiest to gene splice with modern science.

      quote —( …the many small flat top Mayan pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico. These make perfect landing zones where small alien craft can board live Mayan… )— but the ground around the pyramids is flat enough to land on. a stone slab on the ground would be sufficient, and everyone else’s pyramids are pointed anyway.

      quote —( Keep in mind we are so closely related to the Reptoids that they can crossbreed with us to produce hybrids. )— we can’t even cross breed with cats or dogs, never mind reptiles. if anybody is producing hybrids, it is our scientists, using gene-splicing methods.

      quote —( The Reptoids get us to turn our guns on each other, then harvest the dead from both sides. )— translation: The elite get us to turn our guns on each other, then harvest the debt from both sides.

      quote —( The human race must put their political, religious, and ideological hatreds aside… We have to become militarily strong to deny them access to Earth space… )— translation: new world order from phoney alien threat chaos.

      my conclusion remains the same. the alien myth is a cover story for covert elite technology, and the “aliens” are manufactured by them to support their phoney alien threat scenario to scare us into a new world order. good luck with the book though. another book people might find interesting is “project blue beam” by serge monast, detailing the elites plan to decieve us with fake aliens and a false messiah.

    • antigray
    • antigray

      As for the Repto Sapiens controlling key religious and political figures to foment war:

      Muslim Religious Leaders Controlled And Guided By Aliens / they confirm it themselves

      I recently talked to a Muslim on Facebook who was skeptical about the
      existance of UFOs and Repto Sapien aliens. If you are a Muslim you should
      in THEM because it is in the Quran. Watch these videos put out by the
      Muslims that show Muhammad was influenced and guided by THEM. Even today it
      that they are guiding modern Muslim leaders like Elijah Muhammad and Louis
      Farrakhan, both of whom swear that they were taken up to the mother ship and
      say they are now completely guided by THEM. Do you think these famous
      Muslims are lying? I know they are telling the truth. The Repto Sapiens always
      “guide” key religious, military, and political leaders to bring about war to
      generate dead bodies for the Reps to harvest. There are old Arabian legends
      that tell of the bodies of dead warriors being floated up into the sky at
      night after big battles. There are Norse legends that say that too. Hitler said
      that when he was a soldier in World War 1 he was abducted by two tall
      Reptilian figures who took him to an underground base. He said they scared him.
      Follow the meat. They do this about every 50 years.

      Listen to every word that the Muslims believe:

      The Reality Of The Wheel(s): The UFO Phenomenon

      UFOs Prove The Nation Of Islam Is Right And Exact!

      The Mother Plane (The Truth About UFO’s)

      The Wheel and The Chosen People of God

      Louis Farrakhan’s 2011 Nation of Islam on UFOS with the New Ager Jaime
      Maussan part 2/2

    • antigray
    • Barbie

      Sometine you ALL have to finally come to the understanding that Muslims are no more correct than Jews, Christians, Buddhists, or any other religion. YOU ARE ALL WRONG!

      God is not a person or an Entity, no matter how much you want to believe in it.

      God was the Creator… and once God created all of us, God ceased to exist – except in the way we treat each other. What a fine mess God got us all into, Ollie…

    • Anonymous

      Excellent, Barbie! Quite well said.

    • JimO

      Can we get back to the theme of the original post — the testimony from Ken Johnston? If you want to avoid considering the evidence that the stories are confabulations, please at least don’t distract from the serious folks who want to deal with that question.

    • Barbie

      FACE it… As long as religious ZEALOTS who think they’re speaking FOR God (like Anonymous!) are so proactive on this forum that they over-power, demean, ridicule, and try to intimidate everyone else, few people will come back here to make any meaningful comments. After all, he/she says it’s a 38-something-or-other… Let’s let it’s tits do the talking for whatever… Then ALL of us can have a GOOD laugh! Anonymous thinks MY name is funny??? At least I’m proud enough to USE it. I don’t hide behind something like whatever THAT (anonymous) is… or whatever it means. The he/she is afraid someone might recognize it.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a troll Barbie, that’s why. Just deign to not respond to it at all and it will go away……..much like a persons teeth will go away if they ignore them too. Trolls will always try to get a rise out of you by trying to provoke you in some manner. Don’t give it your time and energy and it will magically disappear ( or you just keep ignoring it until it gets tired of being ignored and it finally does go away, preferably forever. )

    • Anonymous

      For people having trouble with pics……some computers come equipped with something called “Snipping Tool”. This allows you to take a screenshot of anything that is displaying on your computer. So there’s no need to save the url, you can automatically save as a jpg or whatever. Interesting article!

    • Anonymous

      All of the comments so far are interesting but much of it is our imagination going wild.
      But there is information that explains what is going on.
      Google, Allies of Humanity to learn more.
      This isn’t science fiction. There are 2 briefings form the Allies of Humanity.
      Both received, recorded and transcribed in 2 books by Marshall Vian Summers.

    • Dust

      I have never seen such morons as there is on this page, did any of you stay awake in science class. Example the moon does not spin, total idiot

      The earth is hollow, no your head is. There are no pictures of the lander or rover because the Van Allen belts would not allow us to penetrate then. BS,BS. We can and have had shielding that is not lead, you can even buy it online. I once built X ray rooms for a company that worked with hospitals. There are pictures of the lander and rover with tracks, on line. Why don’t you all go back to school or to a library or even online to get facts from many sources. If you want to speculate on ancient civilizations having bases on Mars and the Moon start with us. Read the Hindu text’s that indicate we are the aliens and once had technology far in advanced of what we have today. Read the research papers on the myocardial DNA study that was conducted world wide by Berkley .edu it showed that 150,000 years ago we lost 80% of our genetic bandwidth meaning there was a extinction level event that wiped out 80% of the human population. The real science is much better than all this made up BS. It appears that humans once may have traveled to the stars, what if we did and returned to find what we see today on this planet. I once thought of writing a science fiction book based on that premise.

    • Vikingwords

      Hi “Dust” , The thought of writing a science fiction book based on that premise you describe is already made ;-) The planets of the apes.. Insted of the Apes but us as we are now and Voila. Anyway i do agree with you … It is us who are the aliens .

    • Pix

      Fuzzy indistinct images that could be anything, does not constitute as evidence.

    • Anonymous

      Moon photos at Picasa:

      At Facebook ALBUMS set as Public:

      JAXA Moon video

      Lunar architecture

      There are two reasons why Moon photos are so lousy: and these are deliberately inserted faults; 1. Poor resolution. Most photographs you see on the internet have 300 pixels per inch; NASA uses 72 ppi, which degrades the “grain” of the photo. 2. No focus at all. All NASA image cameras are set at F-stop “infinite” and do not permit focus on the foreground (anything closer than 90 feet from the camera). So each photo is a layered set of images piled on top of each other; and only by relighting every single pixel in the photo can a image processor even perceive all the layers, let alone, focus on anything. This is why all Moon photos appear to be gray; but the Moon is not gray, not at all. No photo contrast has been developed to the point of seeing colors. … NASA is dedicated to showing us what NRO and NSA PERMIT US TO KNOW ABOUT THE MOON, which is peopled, led and ruled by humans just like ourselves. But you’d hardly know that from the pictures. The Moon has more going on inside than outside because it is built like a Chinese lantern with struts meeting at the poles, and it has a large heavy KEEL that keeps it in face-to-face orientation with our Earth. There is also running water, vegetation, roads and paths, and a small gauge rail transport system. Google Moon is not developed in contrast either, following NASA’s example.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      Who made the call to hide the alien artifacts on the moon? Give a name. Tell why LBJ and Richard Nixon, presidents during the moon landings, would go along with hiding space life when they could have used diversions from their own political problems? I consider most of the posts here and their so-called conspiratorial “facts” worse than crap.

    • HealingMindN

      According to Anti-grey’s comment, it seems obvious enough who’s running the show. Are the gov’t cronies right in withholding info from the American Republic? After all, most Americans are strung out from all the toxins that the gov’t allows into the system. What would a bunch of strung out people do with such info?

      Is it possible that the cronies want to avoid a paradigm shift in consciousness – away from internal problems – to the vast possibilities outside of our planet – as well as inside? Would a paradigm shift in consciousness towards the greater good take power away from gov’t cronies?

    • antigray

      The USG wants to keep the alien interferrence with humanity information secret because releasing it would disrupt society.

    • HealingMindN

      Yes, it would disrupt society, but how? Good Disruptions? Bad Disruptions?

    • antigray

      It would cause religious, psychological, and political based rioting, a stock market crash, and more. The USG had the Brookings Institute do a study with the public about this, and the resulting “Brookings Report” advised the govt not to release news of extraterrestrials. Read it at:

    • Barbie

      The Brookings report is so outdated, folks… nearly 60 years old, now! If we can deal with fires, floods, earthquakes, terrorists attacks, hurricanes, the Wall Street junkies making 90% more than the rest of us, surely we can deal with the knowledge that there are other Beings in other dimensions and from other planets who have been tweaking us and inspiring our new technological advances through 5 separate Dark Ages… To hell with the ramblings of all the many religious sects. Religion doesn’t make the world a better place – it just gives a lot of people a reason to hate, start wars, and cling to their antiquated prejudices. A paradigm shift into a higher consciousness could alleviate the need for the old rhetoric. And THAT’s what the people in high places are afraid we’ll learn.

    • antigray

      Hi Barbie, The political leaders are afraid that the public will lynch them for keeping it secret that our Repto Sapien cousins have been using us as a food resource for so long, and using our own religions against us to start war as a harvesting tool.

    • Barbie

      I can’t believe you really think that… FERTILIZER, maybe… just as we do our animal cousins, but I don’t think we’re a food SOURCE. Just my opinion, tho.

    • antigray

      If you are a religious person it makes it a little easier to understand what is going on.
      We can use the Bible for historical guidance as to who is dominating us. I named these critters “Repto Sapiens” a while back. Like humanity, they too evolved from dinosaur roots here on Earth. That is the main reason they keep coming back here, this is their ancestral home world. They are not coming back periodically to visit the old neighborhood though. Since they are still a part of our food chain, they stop by when they migrate their excess population elsewhere from their current home worlds because we have food resources here they can use to restock the meat lockers on their mother ships. You can’t grow meat in space. When I was doing research for my book I found evidence showing exactly what the Repto Sapiens had been doing here throughout history. The government knows what is going on but keeps it quiet because it would cause societal disruption and a backlash from various major religions. I wrote my book to explain everything in a way that religious people could understand and not get upset.
      Here are two of eighty Biblical citations:
      Old Testament: NUMBERS 21:6: “And the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people, and much people of Israel died.”

      Isaiah 13:22: And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, and dragons in their pleasant palaces: and her time is near to come, and her days shall not be prolonged.

      In other words, it’s God’s food chain. Life feeds on life. God loves all life equally and does not interfere. Its been that way for billions of years. I’m trying to alter the system to take humanity out of the equation and substitute other food resources. My book shows proof of what’s going on.

      Publisher’s site to order my book in paperback or Ebook

      WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of social domination and periodic controlled genocide. Mankind is now in great danger. We have a terrible problem to overcome. Resolution requires international solidarity, then forcible negotiation with the aliens.

      Some artwork from my book. Click on each image for larger view:

    • antigray

      The equation that the Repto Sapien ETs fit into is the continuing equation of the food chain. It is the primary equation that keeps all life going. Life feeds on life. For the religious people amongst us, in my book I present the subject in a way that will open their eyes as to why God does not interfere to stop these devastating events that result in massive loss of life. (The reason? God does not interfere in HIS food chain.) It is all very basic and easy to understand once you see the big picture. This race of “aliens” has been interacting with humanity for millennia. I named them Repto Sapiens. They are only “alien” in that they no longer call Earth their primary home. They came from here originally.

      Food chain
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
      Food chains and food webs or food networks describe the feeding relationships between species in a biotic community. In other words, they show the transfer of material and energy from one species to another within an ecosystem. As usually diagrammed, an organism is connected to another organism for which it is a source of food energy and material by an arrow representing the direction of biomass transfer. Organisms are grouped into trophic levels ”from the Greek for nourishment, trophikos” based on how many links they are removed from the primary producers. Primary producers, or autotrophs , are species capable of producing complex organic substances (essentially “food”) from an energy source and inorganic materials. These organisms are typically photosynthetic plants or algae, but in rare cases, like those organisms forming the base of deep-sea vent food webs, can be chemotrophic. [edit]
      Food chain
      A food chain describes a single pathway that energy and nutrients may follow in an ecosystem. There is one organism per trophic level, and trophic levels are therefore easily defined. They usually start with a primary producer and end with a top predator. Here is an example of a food chain: phytoplankton >copepod >fish >squid >seal >Orca This “chain” can be described as follows: Killer whales (Orca) feed upon seals, that feed upon squid, that eat small fish, that feed on copepods, that feed on microscopic algae . In this example, algae ”autotrophs by virtue of their ability to photosynthesize” are the base of the food chain. It is always the case that numbers ”or at least biomass” decreases from the base of the chain to the top. In other words, the number and mass of phytoplankton cells is much greater than the number and mass of copepods being supported by the phytoplankton. Viewed another way: to support one Orca requires many seals, large numbers of squid, huge numbers of fish, and so on down the chain.

      In our case, our alien Repto Sapien cousins are the top predators in our food chain. Luckily for us they have moved their total Earth population to other home worlds long ago and only stop by every 50 years or so to restock the meat supplies on their mother ships transporting migrating Reptoids to ease overpopulation pressures on their home worlds. If they maintained a large presence here it would really take a huge bite out of our world population. Professor Scott Littleton’s premise of alien Raj domination is pretty close to reality. The Repto Sapien’s ancestral homeland is Earth and they have every right to expect to harvest the lower creatures on the food chain here just like we do with our cattle. If we developed the means to move our population out into the galaxy and settled other worlds, we would remember our roots and would probably stop by too if we needed food when we were traveling in this area. If the cows and pigs we left behind had become smarter, we would still need the meat. You can’t grow meat in space. As NASA has found after 30 failed experiments, you can’t grow vegetables in space either. So, any protein that was easily available on Earth would look pretty good. I’m sure there are alien species out there that are not related to us that are all sweetness and light and might be interested in giving us a helping hand to a new age of enlightenment. The Repto Sapiens are going to be eating for many more millions of years and we need to arrange a trade agreement with them to supply them with beef and pork on demand in exchange for whatever we need. Otherwise they will keep instigating war here between groups of humans every fifty years or so to keep their basic equation of “cannon fodder = Reptoid fodder” functioning.

      One thing to keep in mind, our Repto Sapien cousins DO NOT pose a threat to the survival of humanity any more that a cattle rancher poses a threat to the survival of his cattle. The cattle rancher needs the livestock to continue living and breeding to keep him in business and supply meat to the hungry public. If the Reps wanted to wipe out humanity, they could have done it at any time throughout history when we didn’t even have guns. They are still not worried about our military capabilities.
      Human weapons technology won’t defeat them. Even though we have now copied their weapons technology and we could use it to beat them, they still have no intention of wiping us out. They need the meat and will always be stirring up nations and peoples to go to war with each other. Then they just sit by and wait like vultures to pick up the dead bodies from the battlefields. By stirring wars up between countries that do not have the advanced weapons we now have, they avoid being fired upon when they show up to collect bodies. If they started a war between African tribes that resulted in the death of millions, the African countries don’t even have radar to see the Reps coming. It will be as easy to collect bodies as when they were following Alexander The Great around and picking up dead Persian bodies. They ever helped Alexander. He reported that silver flying shields shot out beams of light at the walls of the city of Tyre, knocking holes in them so that his men could rush in and slay all the inhabitants.
      I am trying to get the USG to negotiate a trade agreement with the Repto Sapiens from a position of strength. It is bad for business to kill your prospective customers, so we don’t really need to fight a species that is so close to us genetically that they can interbreed with us. They have a periodic need for food when they migrate and we can fill their needs from cattle we raise for the purpose. No war is necessary.
      The Reps have been seriously trying to get a war for meat started anywhere they can worldwide for the last 15 years. They were successful with the civil war in Rwanda but have been unsuccessful since then. The Mexicans coming in to the US and the Muslims coming into Europe are Reptoid caused cattle drives designed to start civil wars for meat. The Muslims have been rioting in most European countries but are not organized correctly to get a real civil war off the ground. The Mexicans are the same with their Rep-inspired Reconquesta program. Real civil wars require logistics and organization. Mexicans and Muslims are too unorganized, etc.


      If you have any questions, just ask.

    • a u r a

      Until the late 20th century what biologists have categorized as “life” is a completely skewed picture, based largely the very few glamorous larger organisms that make for good Nature articles. Animal life is actually extremely sparse. Bacterial and fungal life on earth comprises the vast bulk of our biosphere, most of it living below ground or in conditions that retain the original anaerobic conditions of early Earth, i.e. those under which life evolved. As found in the deepest gold mines and by the Russians when they drilled the Kola borehole, there are bacteria living at a depth of over 5 miles. Geological research has shown that cave formations are too large to be explained by the erosion of rock by water alone – in fact the kinetics can only be explained by “rock-eating” bacteria. So while the vast bulk of life has been happily existing for billions of years in stable, wet, anaerobic conditions under the surface, we are literally the thin green scum on the surface — odd newcomers trying to survive in the presence of toxic oxygen that was produced by blue-green algae later in the Earth’s evolution, harmful solar radiation and constantly changing environmental conditions of humidity and temperature. The question is rather, on a harsher planet, why would we expect to find life on the surface? As Earth’s deserts show, you only have to shift the environmental conditions slightly towards sunnier and drier to completely eliminate surface life.

    • HealingMindN

      @Antigrey, I believe what you say is true, which is why the USG cronies crave the National Defense Authorization Act. In essence, this act sets the stage for the next time there are riots: Indefinite detention for Any and All Americans by our own military for whatever reason. By instituting the NDAA, the cronies couldn’t care less about any riots or stock market crashes. They might even disclose the ETs themselves when they believe they can profit the most from it – like when they profited from 9/11. The reptoids might even prefer that: American People detained indefinitely / disappearing to fill their stock.

    • antigray

      It’s a lot worse than you think. The NDAA is a stealthy institution of Muslim Sharia Law. It allows the Muslims in charge of our government to suppress and kill citizens who will be objecting when Obama declares Martial Law and makes himself dictator. Keep in mind the Muslims and Communists are both mind-controlled hand-puppets of the Repto Sapiens. Since 1917, the Communists have killed 160 million people. Since the time of Mohammed, the Muslims have killed around 460 million people. Follow the meat. That benefits the Repto Sapiens. You have already seen my post above about the Muslim leaders themselves claiming they have been taken up to Mother Ship and are following what their masters tell them to do. Like I said, it has gotten real bad. Check this out:
      Victoria Jackson: Muslim Brotherhood Taking Over America, Six Hour FBI Meeting

      Former “Saturday Night Live” actress Victoria Jackson, working on confidential information she as a web talk show host has special clearance to obtain, has claimed that the United States is being overtaken by radical Muslims bent on bringing the nation under Sharia law.

      “I just went to a briefing in Washington DC, across the street from the Capitol, at the Longworth building at 8:30 am two days ago and it changed my life,” Jackson said last week on her web show, “Politichicks.” “For six hours, I saw pictures and names and dates and facts and Islamic law books and Korans, Surahs for six hours and they proved to me… that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our highest positions in government and this is serious.”

      Jackson also detailed the meeting in an earlier blog post this December. In that post, she details testimony given by John Guandolo, a former FBI agent who worked on the case against former Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson. Guandolo resigned from the FBI in 2008 after he was caught trying to score a $75,000 donation for an anti-terrorism group from a wealthy Jefferson case witness with whom he was having an affair. Guandolo now gives speeches on the existential threat of Islam, claiming that Muslim groups are using political correctness and political insurgency to stop FBI and police officers from stopping their spread of Sharia law.

      The actress-turned-pundit also reported testimony from Maj. Stephen Coughlin, who in 2008 was effectively fired from his post at the Joint Chiefs of Staff, because, many conservatives believe, he was a staunch anti-Islamic extremist advocate. Wired reports that his contract was not renewed after a staffer for Gordon England, then the deputy secretary of defense, raised questions about his work. Last January, Coughlin gave a maligned speech during an FBI presentation on Muslim extremism.

      Claiming that it was strongly hinted that President Obama was a Muslim — his policies all favor Muslims and are against Israel, she claims to have been told — Jackson says in the video that the ultimatum pushed by terrorist groups in America is “You have to convert or be killed.”

      While she says that the meeting forever changed her, Jackson has already long claimed that Muslims — led by secret Muslim and terrorist sympathizer President Obama — are quietly taking over the United States government. She also has famously taken umbrage with gays and “Glee,” including a highly publicized string of attacks last March.

      “This new al-Qaida magazine for women has beauty tips and suicide-bomber tips! Gimme a break!” she wrote in a blog post for World Net Daily. “That is as ridiculous as two men kissing on the mouth! And I don’t care what is politically correct. Everyone knows that two men on a wedding cake is a comedy skit, not an ‘alternate lifestyle’! There I said it! Ridiculous!”

      This fall, Jackson visited the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Zuccotti Park to challenge protestors, though it did not work out so well for her.

      “Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum are the only GOP candidates so far to acknowledge the above facts and warn against the present threat of Islamic Law replacing our Constitution,” Jackson concluded in her blog post on the ex-FBI briefing. In a Fox News appearance early in December, she called Bachmann “my girl” and said, “Very few people in America are informed and educated as I am.”

      When the liberal Huffington Post reports on anti-American activities, they realize they are toast if the Muslims rule.

    • antigray

      The bottom line is that when civil wars start here and in Europe, and a nuclear world war is initiated by Iran, the death toll will only benefit the Reptoids. Cannon fodder = Reptoid fodder.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      NASA is a cover-up organization for a secret American space program which utilizes advanced aerodynamic principles based on magnetohydrodynamics (Biefeld-Brown effect) and reverse-engineered technology from numerous alien spacecraft which have crashed landed on Earth since the 1930′s.

      Maurice Chatelain who was a respected NASA telecommunications engineer has confirmed that every Apollo flight was always acompanied by UFO’s. There are plenty of videos which were taken from the various space shuttles which illustrate these UFO’s. Many Astronauts have also confirmed that UFO’s exist and some have even been detected by radar near the moon. The proof is in the official NASA Apollo 13 mission transcript.

      The propulsion technology of human manufactured UFO’s employs rapidly rotating mercury or a similar liquid metal at superconducting temperatures under extreme pressures. This creates powerful magneto-gravitic waves which eliminate the force of gravitation. These gravito-electric waves also eliminate inertia within the reference frame of the craft allowing 90 degree turns at incredible velocities. The magnetic field also allows the craft to fly at velocities up to Mach 30 without overheating and excessive friction since the air molecules are accelerated around the hull of the craft because of the powerful electric field thereby creating a vacuum around it.

      NASA and the US shadow Government is also hiding the fact that ancient dilapidated cities or bases exist on the moon, mars and also on certain moons around Jupiter. There is also an alien mining operation on the back side of the moon which has been there for literally thousands of years. NASA has several high-resolution photos of some of their mining machinery which dates back to the mid-1960′s. The machines have well-defined tracks behind them when they’re moving across the lunar landscape. The tracks avoid craters and go up and down gullies and hills.
      In a desperate attempt at covering up this fact, NASA claims that these photos depict boulders rolling down hills. This is total nonsense.

    • Wyzyrd

      Where did Rush Limbaugh get a NASA suit? (Apologies to Ken Johnston) (c:

    • Anonymous

      Possibly a phase of their Project Blue Beam to have fake whistleblowers come out like this prior to their holographic alien starship show to shock and awe people. REAL whistleblowers would be killed so that’s why you rarely hear of them.

    • antigray

      ‘Reptilian breeding zoo’ UFO Interview with Art Greenfield on the reptoid agenda

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if “we” have been there thousands of years ago – but since we arrived on Earth a very long time ago, we have forgotten far more than we’ll ever remember, or learned in the thousands of years we have become what we call today’s humans.

      There are many possible answers – that we arrived on Earth as a rag-tag group of people from far away, looking for a new home so we could escape from the mechanical overlords we initially created to be our slaves, or colonists whose home world sent them into Space and couldn’t join them for a plethora of reasons, to having been seeded here by a number of others from different planets – as their Grand Experiment – to see if we could learn to get along with each other (and if we can, they will stop their flighting amongst each other). But I DO know we’re being lied to by our own governments… And I DO know that there really are objects on other bodies in our Universe which, if seen by all on this planet, would show us more truth – which will lead to more questions the people in charge do NOT want to ever have to answer. It’s a shame.

      I believe Neil Armstrong dropped out of public life because he didn’t want to keep lying to us about what he saw and what he knew. In one of his last comments, publicly, he said that NASA should “peel back the layers of of truth…” What else could that possibly mean? It meant that he’d signed an oath he didn’t want to break, but that he personally thought keeping truth from the world was wrong.

      I, personally, KNOW there are other beings – some who look like us and walk among us – who mean us no harm, while there are at least 4 others I’ve personally seen, whose intents I do not understand, but I didn’t like being in their presences.

      I’ve been a contactee because of my family’s bloodline, since 1949. There are thousands of others who are witness to other beings, and we’re all being silenced for reasons unknown. Why this kind of knowledge would be a threat to our world can only be due to the governments’ fears of losing control. The countless dollars being spent on Space Exploration with astronauts’ lives being risked to do a “show & tell” for the sake of a large secret, is unconscionable. Those who are in the highest control KNOW how to get to the other bodies in this Universe without risking lives – it wouldn’t surprise me if we have our own colonies established out there. We have either developed transporters, or we have found star gates at various points on Earth which DO take us through worm-hole-like points to other systems and points in the Universe.

      If our Remote Viewers can see other places, then we know how to get there.

    • ablmu65

      I don’t think it is NASA that is behind the cover up. I think it is religion that is trying to keep the worms in the can. They have the most to lose should we humans find out that we have been to space before and the ruins found on the moon and mars are ones we built the last time we went to the stars. I understand that this is an old post and I am coming into this late. Anyway just my thoughts.

    • youder6221

      Can you see the pictures? I can’t either. I wish the government would get there head out their ass and just let the information flow.

    • weirdvideos

      I studied NASA Moon and Martian photos for 20 years, and have found nothing alien. I wrote some books on Alien Artifacts. You can find them on google search Ross Marshall, Alien Artifacts, Moon mars monuments Madness. The new LROC and Martian high res. photos expose the fraud and a hoax of E.T. artifact hunting. Thanks for scientific considerations….

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