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By Patrick Henry
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Global Lawful Rebellion against Treason & Sedition. The truth about the "Deep State"? The New World Order Luciferian Cult has made their move... Time to wake everyone up, for all to understand their inherent God given unalienable rights.

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The focus of our work over the last 15 years has been to investigate the Legal and Governance system operating in America at Federal, State, County, City etc.. Conclusion: the entire legal system in America is illegally operated by Constitutionally-banned foreign agents that run America for foreign interests. This means Constitutionally-banned foreign agents run nearly every now Occupied counterfeit government Office in the nation. It is further concluded these Constitutional banned foreign agents have literally been engaged in a Mixed War against the American people, relying on lawfare while farming Americans to pfofit the International Bankers (aka Human Trafficking) and the CROWN / VATICAN system in a silent war with America since the War of Indepence. 

See for more and proof that the original organic United States Constitution post 1819 was modified and orchestrated to bring America under a foreign Corporate Democracy [Socialistic Mob-rule] as a path to destroy the Republic and the peoples guarantee of a Republican form of Government to advance the Luciferian Roman Cults Talmudic New World Order Agenda.

The following letter was sent to Trump via US Military alerting those loyal to the American people to this state of affairs with certified government proofs of claim. /new-world-order/2020/12/letter-to-trump-and-us-military-on-lawfare-mixed-war-color-of-lawauthorityoffice-constitutionally-banned-foreign-agents-fake-weaponized-courts-etc-time-to-take-back-america-from-the-parasites-9526.html


This page has been updated: /new-world-order/2020/05/that-sudden-moment-when-you-realize-the-corona-virus-gov-id-1984-is-the-hoax-of-the-millennium-and-american-governance-has-been-under-global-luciferian-roman-cult-since-the-1860s-8894.html

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We have been led to believe that the Deep State is just a few bad apples that infiltrated what people think is ‘their’ Government, when the reality is we have a Counterfeit Government system foisted on us since the 1860′s ran by Foreign Interests banned from Government across America and it is corrupt to the core?

What actions do we need to now take to restore Lawful Governance of the people, by the people and for the people? People need to stop complying with Tyrants, unlearn, re-educate, pass knowledge forward on our real history, organic laws, unalienable rights.  Organize an awakening in your communities and plan self reliance, self sufficiency from Government as much as is possible. Please all understand that your unalienable Rights DO NOT COME FROM Government, they are God given. Government cannot infringe upon these rights without Lawful Cause + Lawful Authority + Lawful Due Process!

[Main Video below. Please note that you can not share Brighteon links on Fascist book any longer. They have banned the entire catalog to shut down sharing of truth. Please grab the MEME or the Tinu URL's above to share this link on Fascist Book and other channels].

Make no mistake, the New World Order GOV – ‘ID’ 1984 Plandemic is a world wide coordinated-event by backers of one world order [ See Kaufman link below Rockefeller Video]Americans, Brits etc. must stop complying with the whims, policies, edicts of tyrants and their sycophants, of verified banned foreign agents of the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Vatican, Jesuits, Crown including Gates, Fauci, Soros and outright criminals pretending to be government that are not a we the people government. It is time for everyone to stand up and be counted… 

The Question all should process is are 7.8 Billion people going to be destroyed / Democided by a few thousand parasites that want the world for theselves? Two videos that may help with this:

What does it look like when people ignore Tyrants:

GOV “ID” 1984, Fear Porn sold to the people by foreign Bankster operated, Luciferian Cult Owned & controlled Crown – Vatican De Facto Gov. Co. Corps. masquerading as if it were a We the people, founding fathers Governance! 

Americans (Brits etc…) must realize, if someone claims they are government and attempting to violate your unalienable rights then have them produce their authority to operate as Governmet (credentials, i.e. Oaths, Bonds etc. ). 

No one can be a governor (Government Officer, Attorney, etc) UNLESS he qualifies as an officer of the State, and no one can be an officer unless he swears the Lawfully prescribed Constitutional Oath of Office as required by the State Constitution.

NO Oath or an incomplete OATH = NO State AUTHORITY to make a Ham Sandwhich let alone to judge others on the law. Also, under the Titles of Nobility Act, to qualify as Government one cannot have any foreiign allegiance according to TONA detailed below (Organic Constitutional Amendment XIII) 

Here in Commiefornia, so-called Government including “JUDGES” (who are in fact BANNED foreign agents described below) swear an INCOMPLETE oath, different than the oath printed in the Constitution.

Governors ALSO swear an INCOMPLETE oath, so they are NOT lawfully situated governor. If one is charged with violation of a governor’s un-Constitutional order which is in fact a simulated legal process (lawfare) made under color of office, color of law and color of Authority, one can COUNTER-CLAIM that charging Officer by bringing by evidencing the governor’s fake Oath as INVALID because it’s different from the one required by the State Constitution which means the Governor, Officer etc is impersonating Government.

If you know that you are a State national (NOT a US Citizen), executive orders of the “De Facto Corporation” don’t apply to you. 

Therefore, do not consent to claimed authority of actors pretending to be Government!

Voluntary vaccinations, lockdown, quarantine, tracking is lawful / legal. For example, if people freely subject themselves to house arrest, standing six feet under apart, wearing masks which are the equivalent to wearing Pig Fencing to keep out imaginary mosquitos then that is their own fault and mistake! However mandatory (forced): vaccinations by order, demands of so-called Government agents (actors) demanding that the people lockdown, comply with Social Distancing BS, subject to quarantine, be subject to forced tracking (Surveillance), wearing masks, standing six feet under apart, do not travel, do not go to their parks / beaches is all unlawful based on undisputable, very well settled organic English – American common law / constitutional law. The people have forgotten they are not subject to the whims of a class of people calling themselves Government! They are especially not subject to the demands of actors pretending to be our Organic We the people Governments of which they are NO SUCH THING! 

it is unquestionable that a Lawful government is totally constrained in its actions by immutable organic law (reflected in ancient Maxims), constitutions et al., from engaging in any such mandatory / forced / coerced practice or violation of our unalienable rights without due process of law [Obviously a Counterfeit government has no right to make any demands on the people.... remember this point]! 

If so-called government wants to change the law (which current De facto Government has no lawful authority to do as explained below), it must gain agreement of the people and make full disclosure of its authority to do so. NO Lawful Government has asked for any change in the law with respect to its wishes to violate our rights because of the GOV “ID” 1984 Rockefeller – NWO Plandemic.

If Lawfully credentialed and seated government wants to take rights from the people it must comply with the organic law / common law; provide due process of law through lawful actions of bona fide Government, before doing so. Since it has not its actions are Unlawful and acts under Color of Authority, Color of Law and Color of Office as the following Policeman wisely pointed out:

 Government has provided no such due process to the people to take / violate the peoples unalienable rights. For these reasons so-called Government has had no lawful authority to DEMAND the people be forced to do anything imposed on the people due to the Plandemic! 

Please also remember the following which will be more obvious as you process the remainder of this page: The CEO and Executives of a foreign private corporation, for illustration, Crispy Cream Corp. have no authority to vote on taking your unalienable rights.  Obviously such entities have no lawful authority over the American people! All foreign corporations can do is make changes to its own private rules impacting its own Private Corporate Officers and employees! If those employees do not like the new rules they can leave employ of the Corporation and be done with it forever! The same applies to all Americans duped under Counterfeit Corporations masquerading as Government. 

People should not be volunteering for their own demise or that of their families, yet that is what we are witnessing globally at this time. The people are not reacting to lawful demands of a lawful Government, they are reacting to Psychological Warfare and a form of Mind Control by De facto Corpiorations masquerading as We the people Government. These unlawful demands have worked on the people due to the peoples ignorance of Law and our true history! 

Any violation of rights forced on the population that is coerced on conspiracy, lies, deception, fraud, fake science, fake data, deliberately twisted data, or through actions of banned foreign agents is an act of war on the American people and a violation of so many organic, De facto and international laws, rules and codes that can not possibly be listed here. Of note, Title USC 18 section 241 / 242; the Sherman antitrust act codified at title 15 USC section 1, 2 ….

Remember ordinarily statutes do not apply to the American people, they apply only to corporations and government! Even this statement requires people know the difference between PERSON and man / woman.

Please unlearn – re-educate and pass critical knowledge forward!

The video under video #4 deals with this very subject. Do make sure you see the first half of the Lawful Rebellion Video that explains the common law foundations of our nations!

“No one can serve two masters” (Matthew 6:24)


The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves.” ~ Charles de Montesquieu


“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford


“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” ― Ayn Rand


Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. - Mark Twain


Legality is the shelter for swindlers and thieves they make for themselves by passing statutes and acts. It is NOT law unless you consent to it. ~ Chris Duke


“It’s only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice, do we evolve.”

The following video (#1 Below) was inspired by the important Global Lawful Rebellion Video (Video #3 below) posted on May 24th 2020.  Before we get in to the significance of the Lawful Rebellion presentation lets discuss the Deep State, the usurpation of the Original American states Compact Federal Governance in the 1860′s and what the facts exposed herein mean for America today. I have referenced several other videos and documents below to explain the points dealt with in my video.  You will find extensive cross references following these video. 

Video #1: The Deep State etc.

“Who will govern the governors? There is only one force in the nation that can be depended upon to keep the government pure and the governors honest, and that is the people themselves. They alone, if well informed, are capable of preventing the corruption of power, and of restoring the nation to its rightful course if it should go astray. They alone are the safest depository of the ultimate powers of government”

- Thomas Jefferson

[Bookmark for later reference: The real Deep State: ]

#2: Ex-Marine begins to question Government actions

The following ex Marine is going through the early stages of an awakening. Where are those rights that he thought he had fought for? 

When each of us go through this realization that its all a lie and we were used, the first reaction is generally disbelief, then sometimes depression, then anger and for some either becoming active or for most resignation that nothing can be done! Hopefully more and more will awaken and become active and engaging with other in to stopping the New World Order Insanity! 

Brighteon Upload:

Original Link:

Video #3: What is the significance of the Common Law? 

Global Lawful Rebellion Against Treason & Sedition

Warning: there has been some criticism of the message in the video following. An example here: My response is that NEVER TRUST anyone cut from the cloth of the Crown Legal System that is still a part of that system! The main thrust of the message is on point! The law of the people IS the Common Law yet we have been bambozeld to think they Statute applies to us!  The reference to the 30 days notice at the 7 mins mark is irrelevant to the point of my message. Notice that the system is BROKEN has been served on the system many times over since at least 2010 (1776 Public Trust for example, also See the Work of AnnaVonReitz,com as another stunning example and thousands of others have privately messaged the parasites including myself). Those operating the parasitic tyrannical system have already agreed and acquiesced, they have no lawful authority to do any of the things they are doing to violate our unalienable rights. The appropriate individual response is Global Lawful Rebellion to acts of Tyranny! There is no magic date to tell the Tyrants – no – we do not consent or for us to declare their acts a ”No Law”. Private rules and codes of foreign Vatican / Crown Corporations are not law and illegally invalid ab initio, nunc pro tunc ARE NOT LAW! In America at least – we the people constituted Government to protect the unalienable rights of the people! Government has NO RIGHTS to violate our rights PERIOD without Lawful due process and proper authority.

More references to common law below:

Video #4: Anna Von Reitz and David Steel discuss overthrow of American Governance across all fifty states of America:

BTW, just because a counterfeit Governance was established in the 1860′s in DC and over the states between 1934 – 1954 by a CRISPY CREAM style De FACTO Corp. (NOT a We the people founding father government) does not mean our Organic Governance went away or our organic law: Violations of the organic law / US Corp. De facto private rules and codes & The CDC, Fauci, Gates, complicit Governors, Criminal Connection:

How did USRael Gov Co. get away with this sedition, treason? It dumbed Americans down through the Crown plantation system:

Video #5: Agenda 21 – Agenda 2030 – the culling of 90% of the global population

References: 2025 forecast, depopulation of 81% of the American population by 2025; Search: Georgia Guidestones + Vigilant Citizen

Was CoronaVirus A NATO ACT? Look At Previous NATO ACTs:   /conspiracy-theories/2020/05/ole-dammegard-stop-what-your-doing-listen-the-truth-about-false-flag-operations-covid-19-watch-before-youtube-removes-it-the-michael-decon-program-2517163.html

Video #6: Rockefellor Plandemic Plan Exposed in 2014

Essential video:  DIABOLICAL! PLANdemic – The Banned Documentary: The Hidden Deep State Agenda Behind COVID-19


Video #7: The truth about Attorneys, Judges … .applies to to the FBI, DOJ, US Attorneys etc!

If all Attorneys are foreign agents then so are all so called JUDGES! If they are foreign then Orders of JUDGES are VOID, a no LAW!  Titles of Nobility Act 1810, enacted 1819

Video #8: Meet Your Straw man, describing the legal mechanism that was used to Human Traffic all Americans! 

Video #9: Some words of wisdom here from Brian at High Impact Flix: 

Video #9: Is the slavery system more than obvious now?

What is driving POLICY men to engage in Armed kidnapping? Is it really about keeping this couple safe? How do POLICY men profit from the Human Trafficking system…. 

As Americans we continue to allow ourselves to be used and deceived by criminals, Judus Goats, parasites and worse. Especially those pretending to be officers, employees of American, de jure We the people, Founding Fathers Government when it is obvious that they are no such thing. At the highest levels of so-called Government we find actors undeniably working for a Luciferian criminal cabal that have openly charted out the democide of the American people and destruction of all America stands for (i.e. Fauci, fates, Clingtonistas, Bush crime clan etc). At a time when the Cabals intentions could not be more obvious, what more will it take f0r this plot against all of humanity to be recognized by Americans that will stand up and say NO, not on my watch?   Americans, Brits, Australians, Canadians etc no longer have any excuses to deny the reality that a very real Mixed War has been openly declared on We the people.  Lawful Global Rebellion is our only way out of this mess. No one is coming to save us. Its up to us. Government must be put back inside its original Declaration of Independence box and we the people need to get back to self governing our own states and communities if we are to make America what it was intended to be. 

- paul-james

The people of of our nations have been so dumbed down that they no longer know what our rights are or that our unalienable rights are being being violated in front of our noses day in and day out! This is not an accident. It is said if you do not know what your rights are you may as well have none. 

He is an excerpt from Global Research first published in August 2014. “This presentation focuses on the myriad ways in which the powers-that-be in the United States have been systematically dumbing down Americans as a society for a very long time – all by meticulously calculated design. Originally the term dumbing down was used as a slang expression in 1933 by film screenwriters to mean “revising [the script] so as to appeal to those of lower education or intelligence.”
The most obvious example of how Americans have been dumbed down is through this nation’s failed public education system. At one time not that long ago America reigned supreme as a leading model for the rest of the world providing the best quality free public K-12 education system on the planet. But over the last many decades while much of the rest of the world has been passing us by, it seems an insidious federal agenda has been implemented to condition and brainwash a population of mindless, robotic citizenry that simply does what it’s told, and of course the brainwashing commences early in America’s schools. 

The American and British people have been dumbed down to the extent that that they can not see that they are being systematically exterminated! They further do not understand that the enemy is controlling our nations, institutions, history, law, policy etc! 

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.” – Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Who controls the Federal Reserve, the UN, IMF, World Bank, UN etc.for the Black Nobility crime cartel?

FEDERAL RESERVE Money System (almost same names behind the UNITED NATIONS Corporation):

Rothschild Bank of London
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Lehman Brothers of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

Now you know why Rothschild’s USRael UNITED STATES Corp. gave $233.7Bn to Rothschild’s Israel over six decades?

The “UN” is a corporation founded in France several years before the United Nations Charter was ever created. And here, for your edification, are the Principal Parties of Interest driving the “UN Agenda”—– Current version UN Corp dba World Bank dba FEDERAL RESERVE — 52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs. (There may be some changes in ownership(s) since this list was compiled, but the above is accurate for the most part.)


All Americans need to understand that the fifty physical states organic Governances’ were usurped between 1934 – 1950′s by FOREIGN Crown – Vatican Orchestrated Mutual / Territorial Corporations that have been orchestrated largely by Constitutionally banned foreign agents. Foreign Municipal corporations effectively replaced the original states We the people Governance with foreign Corporations that have been asset stripping America and the people since [ 2500. Sheriffs and Sheriffs ]. This Corporate Pyramid system is held under the Vatican via through US Corp. and the Crown Corp.

The parent DC US Corporation, for which President Trump is now serving as Corporate President, IS NOT the  original We the people Founding Fathers Government but a Governance masquerading ‘as if’ it was the original states created compact coordinating Federal Governance.

Until TRUMP US Corp. was openly ran by a Luciferian Shadow Government and fronted by Career Criminals all engaged in destroying America and all it stood for.  

The original organic DC United States Governance was overthrown in the 1860′s by the Crown – Vatican Cabal Bankers, the Rothschild crime cartel and other foreign agents that infiltrated American Governance at EVERY level and orchestrated the so-called civil war to usurp our organic governance. 

As a result of this coup / usurpation the resulting CORPORATE Government has no lawful authority over the American people on the fifty State of States. Its jurisdiction is based on fiat, achieved through FRAUD which fraud relies on generations  of indoctrination and Psychological warfare programming (ref. Tavistock Institute, Fabian Society, Rand Corp etc). 


An Officer pretending to be Government must be able to present valid credentials which includes a valid Oath and Bond! Without valid credentials, those pretending to be Government are in fact LAW BREAKERS engaged in very serious CRIMES pursuant to their own De Facto private rules and codes.  Since the Organic states Governance were USURPED, actors pretending to be Government can not produce valid credentials! I appreciate that most in Government are not aware of this SCAM! However, ignorance of the law is no excuse to break the law! 

Again, Government Officers without a proper Oath and Bond pursuant to their own private rules and codes of each of the corresponding physical states ARE NOT GOVERNMENT.  Since they are corporations, they have no parity or authority over the American people (See Clearfield Doctrine).

Government without Lawfully Constitutionally mandated credentials at STATE OF STATE Corp. or of US Corp. are merely actors without Lawful Authority to act!  This statement describes those Locking Down America today! The same truth goes for all those masquerading as if they are Judicial Court Officers of which we have 1,300,000 Attorneys UNLAWFULLY operating across America today [More here relating to California: ].

As you will see below, so-called Government is operated mostly by banned foreign agents OF NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY! This statement is based on undeniable violations of the Titles of Nobility Act (TONA) which is enacted Constitutional Organic Amendment that has never been overturned and which referenced extensively below and at! 

All Americans should be able to accept the concept that Law Breakers have no lawful authority to undo our original Organic Laws, make new law or judge others on the law! Yet the entire Governance, Banking system and so called Legal System in operation across America from the highest Offices down is ran by LAW BREAKERS (actors) as you can easily prove for yourself! 

The CORPORATE De facto Governance agents, employees are however all answerable to their President and CEO of the parent Corporation standing over them all, which is President Trump of US Corp. An analogy, Crispy Cream Branch Managers are answerable to the Parent Corporation President and CEO of Crispy Cream. The POINT here is that the fifty State of State Governance ARE NOT De jure physical states Governance but they are DC Corporations under US Corp. and for that reason TRUMP has all the authority in the world over each of them! I still do not think he gets this yet!

Under TITLE 10 USC 253, Trump can reign in ROGUE Sub – Corporations (STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corp. for example) CEO’s ike NEWSON etc., for their undeniable acts of Sedition, Treason and fraud of the American people out on the physical state of California.  

More importantly, De facto Government actors pretending to be Government do not have any lawful authority over the people on the physical states! Their jurisdiction is limited to DC with some minor exceptions. The Government actors claim Jurisdiction over the American people through a train of frauds (lies), built on decades of Sedition and Treason that boil down to the fact that the American people have never been educated in these matters and have been deliberately brain washed to think those claiming to be Government are a We the people, oathed, Bonded, founding fathers created Government!  

The endless abuse of authority by government actors boil down to acts of FRAUD and Fraud vitiates every agreement, contract created on an act of fraud [Example: California, Rescission of a contract for Fraud: ].

To be perfectly blunt, he American people are being farmed by banned foreign agents for the benefit of a Luciferian Banking Cabal that have held the American people in a condition of Mixed War through systematic Lawfare. 

Government actors over the last 150+ years have ruled America through Sedition, Treason, Color of Office, Color of Law and Color of Authority! The people need to realize we are being ruled by a Governance system ran by actors that have absolutely NO LAWFUL authority over we the people, all operating in violation of the Organic laws of our nation and states. 




Act of 1871:

Act of 1871:

Essential cites:

So now lets look closer at the Achilles heel of the UNITED STATES Corporation problem:

The 1810 Titles of Nobility Act: 

“No one can serve two masters” (Matthew 6:24)

Organic United States Constitution Article XIII, Titles of Nobility Act of 1810, Law by 1819 - never terminated:

The Original Thirteenth Article of Amendment to the Organic Constitution For The United States of America is: 

“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

It should be noted that the above applies to any Government office in America. 

[Journal of the Senate] and law by 1819 at this link:  

Titles of Nobility Act was never terminated. It was buried by the BAR attorneys who have tried to pretend it was never ratified when they created the Counterfeit  UNITED STATES Corp charter under The Act of 1871

Those that created the US Corp. copied the original Constitution as its Charter but made some notable changes including deliberately missing out Amendment XIII. 

For a comparison see here: 

For the enactment of TONA in 1810 see here: 


Link to Journal of the senate for Amendment XIII:

So if the laws of the land states that American government can not include foreigners – then why does it? 

Answer: Because UNITED STATES is not an American government! Its an foreign Occupying force since the coup of this nation in the 1860′s operated by banned foreign agents including 1.3M Crown BAR agents:

Violation of TONA is an act of sedition and treason. 

Further research on the 1810 Titles of Nobility Act: 

The Original Thirteenth Article of Amendment To The Constitution For The United States

The Original 13th Amendment 

This Article of Amendment, ratified in 1819 and which just “disappeared” in 1876, added an enforceable strict penalty, i.e., inability to hold office and loss of citizenship, for violations of the already existing constitutional prohibition in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8 on titles of nobility and other conflicts of citizenship interest, such as accepting emoluments of any kind for services or favors rendered or to be rendered, and is particularly applicable today in the 21st Century as government is increasingly FOR SALE to the highest bidder, as foreign and multinational corporations and individuals compete to line the pockets of politicians and political parties to accommodate and purchase protection or privilege, i.e. honors, for their special interests.


If that which created Government is a Criminal enterprise created by the Luciferian cabal now operating over the entire The United States of America then its stands it has bred a Criminal enterprise ran by criminals across all of its Sub-Corporate Departments which now includes all fifty State of States Corporations.  

As an example, Newsom’s Commiefornia (Browns before it) is clearly a RICO that has long engaged in outright, sedition, treason etc. It is has long engaged in asset striping the state and people. Meet the crime cartel running Commiefornia: (The Good News – its not a California Government and the people owe it no allegiance or performance as long as they remove themselves from its foreign Jurisdiction).

When one looks at Congress and the prior Administrations we can see America it has increasingly been ran by Israel First Duel Israel / US Corp. (USRael) Nationals in violation of TONA!

To be more accurate the De Facto United States Corp (USRael Corp.) is being ran by Jesuits and Zionists that openly despise America, Christians and all that America stands for.


Here’s an explanation of how this used to not be allowed, then the law was changed, and also points out many big-name dual citizenship holders in the Bush and Clinton administrations:

Why is this allowed? It is not allowed for regular US citizens to have dual citizenship, is it? (Actually, Italians who can prove their lineage, can become Italian citizens, for example.)

I think this type of thing is allowed because “Israel first” Zionists essentially own our government, which is because the Rothschild’s own the central banking system and have money creation powers and they promote Zionism. So you play by their rules, or you don’t get big money access. This is why most industry monopolies are headed by Zionists. It’s not a random chance thing that the tops of most all industries are super gung-ho about Israel. This is also why they get the most aid, and why they have the biggest lobbying groups.

And to be clear, I’m not talking about Jews, half of whom reject zionism. I’m talking about the ideological belief system, that says the (Rothschild’s created Nation) Israeli / government deserves to own Mt. Zion, aka that Palestine needs to be removed and regional security for Israel needs to be ensured in the middle east. Obama is a Zionist, Biden is a Zionist. Bush is a Zionist. So is Hillary, and Trump, as their AIPAC speeches showed quite clearly.

These big bankers need to stop being able to pull everyone’s strings, but that won’t stop until people realize their money creation abilities are based on legal narratives that come from false hopes and the false appearance of authority. The government should be able to create its own money, not borrow from a private bank in a debt-based money creation system where there will always, mathematically, be more debt owed than money exists, which gives them power over the government because they are the debt collectors.

The whole thing is an absurd farce to anyone who sees the truth of it…

The above touches on why everything in America is corrupt to the core, and for the most part ran by parasites/criminals who are trying to make Israel great at the expense of America and its people.

Evidence of the Usurpation of our Nation over the last 150+ years:


Know who Edward Mandel House Was (behind the creation of the FED, Wilsons handler, creation CFR etc)!

Were you told about the American Human Trafficking System at School?

Edward Mandell House had this to say in a private meeting with President Woodrow Wilson:

“[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.  By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will effect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. 

Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent,   forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call  “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.” – Nathan Mayer Rothschild

How to these Luciferians feel about the American people?


The USRael “Government” and Zionist Media would not lie to us would they?

Note that the following was Broadcast by Rothschild’s British Brainwashing Company:

Building 7 & the BBC:

911 False Flag bootleg of the raw video before the CGI plane was inserted:

CGI Inserted:

The same parasites that control the FED control the UNITED NATIONS whose original ownership is found below (click hyper link).

FEDERAL RESERVE Money System (almost same names behind the UNITED NATIONS Corporation):

Rothschild Bank of London
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Lehman Brothers of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

Now you know why Rothschild’s USRael UNITED STATES Corp. gave $233.7Bn to Rothschild’s Israel over six decades?

The “UN” is a corporation founded in France several years before the United Nations Charter was ever created. And here, for your edification, are the Principal Parties of Interest driving the “UN Agenda”—– Current version UN Corp dba World Bank dba FEDERAL RESERVE — 52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs. (There may be some changes in ownership(s) since this list was compiled, but the above is accurate for the most part.)

Post from a friend: The Federal Reserve was set up by the Rothschilds, the Rothschild Family however has the Official Title : ” Guardians of the Vatican Treasury “, its even in the Encyclopedia Judeica. And Dynasty Founder Mayer Amschel Rotschild was Already a Member of the VATICAN Knights of Malta. So yes the Rotschilds have a Degree of Power, but they SERVE the 1500 year old Holy See System. The CIA was Founded by VATICAN Knight of Malta ( SMOM ) Bill Donovan, him being a Knight of Malta is even on Wikipedia. Several Other CIA Directors like Mccone, Bush, and Alan Dulles were also members of SMOM. Only 1 CIA Director was a Jew. The Bilderberg Group was Founded by 2 Vatican Knights of Malta also : Prince Bernard of Holland and Joseph Retinger. Member of the French Nobility and Proud Roman Catholic Henri de Castries, who also has many Vatican Knights in his Family, Headed up the Steering Group of Bilderberg the Last years. Kissinger is also a Vatican Knight and is Also an Advisor to the Papacy since Pope Ratzinger Appointed him. And the Heads of the EU have All been JESUIT Educated Roman Catholics, as is ECB President Mario Draghi, and Current EU Head is Polish Roman Catholic Donald Tusk. The Head of the U.N. Gutterez is Also a Devout Roman Catholic. And the Majority of the USA Supreme Court is Also Roman Catholic ( and yes 3 Jews also ).Head of ” Climate Change Affairs ” of the EU is a Roman Catholic from My Country Holland, Frans Timmermans. And the Modern New Age Movement was Started by JESUIT Teilhard de Chardin, that we Should ” Evolve into a Higher Consciousness ” Nonsense. For Example Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera became a Born Again Christian and Began Spilling the Beans on Rome : So are there Many Kabbalist Jews in the NWO System : yes. But they dont ” Rule the World ” the Antichrist Papacy does, just like the Bible Predicted it Would. Freemason Politicians dont go and Kiss the Ring of some Rabbi after Election, but they Bow Down to the ANTICHRIST Papacy. And All of the European Nobility are Vatican Knights too, even Queen Elisabeth is a Dame of Malta ( SMOM ). God bless

More and more now know USRael Corp. has been feeding a Crown – Vatican non Government central Bank Usury Debt Slavery System from at least 1913 which now appears to be managed by another Rothschild’s USRael Cabal firm known as BlackRock:


More here:

References on Common Law, Organic Laws etc.

English – America Common Law: Giles Jacob English Law Dictionary – 1750 Edition: Common Law – “(lex communis) Is taken for the law of this kingdom simply, without any other laws; as it was generally holden before any statute was enacted in parliament to alter the same: and the king’s courts of justice are called the Common Law Courts. The Common Law is grounded upon the general customs of the realm; and includes in it the Law of Nature, the Law of God, and the principles and maxims of the law: it is founded upon reason; and is said to be the perfection of reason, acquired by long study, observation and experience, and refined by learned men in all ages. And it is the common birthright, that the subject hath for the safe-guard and defense, not only of his goods, lands, and revenues; but of his wife and children, body, fame, and life also. Co. Lit. 97, 142. Treatise of Laws, p.2.”

Common Law codified in California @ California Code, Civil Code – CIV § 22.2: The common law of England, so far as it is not repugnant to or inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States, or the Constitution or laws of this State, is the rule of decision in all the courts of this State.

American organic law: Merriam-Webster defines “organic” as “of, relating to, or constituting the law by which a government or organization exists”. In the front of Volume One of the United States Code, you will find the heading Organic Laws of the United States of America.The four Organic Laws listed, in the order of their occurrence, are: The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, The Articles of Confederation of November 15, 1777. Northwest Ordinance of July 13, 1787, Constitution of September 17, 1787 The Constitution for The United States of America: Section 4. : The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

A Roman Municipal Corporation ran by Crown Franchised BAR Agents is not a Republican Form of Government and is repugnant to the Constitution.

NOTE: the State of California Corporation IS NOT a Republican form of Governance and is Repugnant to the constitution and legally invalid.

Learn the difference between the Original Organic Constitution and the counterfeit Corporate Constitution! See here:

The Constitution for The United States of America v The Constitution of the United States

The Constitution for The United States of America Now known or referred to as the organic constitution.

This Constitution established a central government with limited powers to do the will of the people. Its purpose was to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

The original organic Constitution was adopted by the US Corporation as its “By-laws”. The original Thirteenth Amendment was DELETED, and other amendments added and presented as if they were Organic Acts of a lawful Governance.

The united States of America, we the people, Public Trust v UNITED STATES Corporation,

The Counterfeit constitution is now prostituted as the Original founding father created Governance. [ ] when it is an imperfect copy operated as bye laws of US Corp.

The current United States Corp. is not the founding fathers created Organic The united States of America! How do you know, its missing TONA, Constitution was plagiarized from the Original; Current UNITED STATES created through Act of 1871… Roman Municipal Corp Democracy for DC Only and not the founding fathers government. A foreign Corporate Democracy ran by banned foreign agents to asset strip American and its people help in Mixed War through Lawfare.

The ACT of 1871 instigated the UNITED STATES Corp., a Crown Vatican created Municipal Corp. The original The united States of America was a We the people created Public Trust that guaranteed a Republic form of Governance to each of the Sovereign American National / state National people on the physical states.

What is the difference between Republican form of Governance and Corporate Democracy (Note DC is under the Corporate Democracy limited to its 68.34 Square Miles).

The following is from Army Training Manual on Citizenship from 1925 – 28.

CITIZENSHIP Democracy (This is the Current DC United States Corporation masquerading as if it were the original We the people The United States of America, note the Army that put this together in 1925 and those that published it obviously did not know we have already been usurped by foreign agents and placed under a Corporate Kleptocracy in of the Vatican – Crown Criminal Cabal in 1871. This was removed shortly after it was published.

What is described below is what runs America today! ):

A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of “direct” expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic–negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether is be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demogogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy Citizenship: Democracy v Republican form of Government CITIZENSHIP Republic (this is what we are guaranteed – which has been usurped, which is repugnant to the constitution):

Authority is derived through the election by the people of public officials best fitted to represent them. Attitude toward law is the administration of justice in accord with fixed principles and established evidence, with a strict regard to consequences. A greater number of citizens and extent of territory may be brought within its compass.

Avoids the dangerous extreme of either tyranny or mobocracy. Results in statesmanship, liberty, reason, justice, contentment, and progress. Is the “standard form” of government throughout the world. A republic is a form of government under a constitution which provides for the election of (1) an executive and (2) a legislative body, who working together in a representative capacity, have all the power of appointment, all power of legislation, all power to raise revenue and appropriate expenditures, and are required to create (3) a judiciary to pass upon the justice and legality of their government acts and to recognize (4) certain inherent individual rights.

Take away any one or more of those four elements and you are drifting into autocracy. Add one or more to those four elements and you are drifting into democracy. Atwood. Superior to all others.– Autocracy declares the divine right of kings; its authority can not be questioned; its powers are arbitrarily or unjustly administered. Democracy is the “direct” rule of the people and has been repeatedly tried without success.

Our Constitutional fathers, familiar with the strength and weakness of both autocracy and democracy, with fixed principles definitely in mind, defined a representative republican form of government. They “made a very marked distinction between a republic and a democracy * * * and said repeatedly and emphatically that they had founded a republic.” Titles of Nobility Amendment, aka T.O.N. A. = “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

B.A.R. = British Accredited Register, State BAR Associations are a franchise of Crown Temple Middle Inns of Court, the 1.3M Titles of Nobility Bar Agents (Esquires) were banned from America since 1819. Bar Associations = Bar Courts (All US Federal and State Courts) = Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act = RICO = Human Trafficking RICO = All foreign and banned from America Bar Attorney created Government Corporations created and theft of the land on the states: d957-4c08-9edf-6cb6ae37ced1

People must familiarize themselves with 10 U.S. Code § 253. Article below on it. Deal with Interference with State and Federal law

Please also understand terms: Mixed War, Lawfare, Letter of Marque and Reprisal, Ex Officio … [All explained in the following documents]

NOTE all California Courts VIOLATE Their own rules and codes: California Code, Government Code – GOV § 1027.5 California Code, Government Code – GOV § 68076. The seals of the superior courts shall: (a) Be circular; (b) Be not less than one and one-fourth inches in diameter; (c) Have in the center any word, words, or design adopted by the judges of the superior court; (d) Have inscribed around the central words or design “Superior Court of California, County of [___],” inserting the name of the county. The seal of any such court, which has been adopted before April 1, 1880, shall be the seal of such court until another is adopted.

California Civil Code 6067: 6067. Every person on his admission shall take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California, and faithfully to discharge the duties of any attorney at law to the best of his knowledge and ability. A certificate of the oath shall be indorsed upon his license.

NOTE. A California Bar Association Card IS NOT a license to practice law. 6068. It is the duty of an attorney to do all of the following: (a) To support the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this state. US Immigration Laws is US LAW! 

Above is an excerpt from:


About was created to expose the millennia long Luciferian Cabal, New World Order conspiracy against Humanity 

There are some 500 articles on the site exposing key aspects of the NWO plot. Core information / topics can be found at the left margin menu. I would encourage researchers to to familiarize yourself with topics at the menu. You will find a list topics below that all awaking Americans should be familiar with. 

To safeguard America from the Luciferian cabal – we must all get active in awaking up others. Everyone should also  become informed about the states Assembly Movement: & 

Projects and resources by the author can be found at these links: - legal expose of the totally Corrupt legal system, with an emphasis on Commiefornia

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Letters to President Trump Re Title 10 Section 253 and to the Army Provost Marshall plus other cases exposing Despotism, Tyranny in California under BAR Attorney Actors pretending to by Government (Banned foreign agents per TONA):  



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Dear Mr. President, how to clean the Swamp out over night! Titles of Nobility Act (aka TONA) and Title 10 Section 253, Obstruction of State and Federal Law! Enforce already organic law / De Facto Law and take back the de jure Office!3309
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Here is the real reason you are being forced to wear a cloth mask…

Friday, May 22, 2020 14:17

It isn’t to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Based on the particle size, cloth masks won’t stop COVID virus particles. They will stop macro droplets from sneezes or coughs, but so will using a handkerchief or or your elbow as were have been trained for years.

The reason is a poll a month ago found up to 80% fear going back to their normal lives. That hasn’t changed much in the last month.  Most people still won’t travel, got to a restaurant, gym, use public transit or even go to a church service.

The reason for this is obvious. Americans have been fed a steady diet of fear porn by our leaders and the news media. We know know the death rate isn’t 3% to 10% as we were told earlier. Based on antibody testing, results may indicate the deadly COVID-19 pandemic – has mortality rates under 1% – may be no deadlier than the seasonal flu.  Of course our leaders could be honest and admit they over-hyped the danger, but based on the damage to our econom, that would likely be political suicide.

Instead, they have to come up with a way to make the cowering masses come back out or the economy will be stuck in a deep depression for years. Masks are a very obvious sign of governmental action to allegedly protect the trembling masses. If the masks really worked, they would demand we wear them at home. How can the government tell us we could be a asymptomatic carrier and have to wear a mask in public to prevent  killing someone by infecting them, but it’s okay to not wear a mask at home and endanger our dearest loved ones. If they really believed masks were effective and the COVID danger was great, they would wear them at their homes to prevent the death of their family members, but they don’t. They know better than to believe their own fear-mongering and hype. Widespread testing is just another example of a panacea. It’s all theater to convince people, that they terrified with misinformation, to come out and start working and spending so the tax revenues can return.



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