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By Patrick Henry
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Will Americans, the British etc... listen to the Whistleblowers now? COV "ID" 1984 NWO End Game, Judus Goats, Black Nobility / Rothschilds (UN) Agenda 21 / 2030 and the farming of Americans since the 1860's.

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About Patrick Henry and our Red Pill projects: Fascist-book:    More Articles: +++ more links here Several important articles have been uploaded to BIN on the ongoing CCP. Demon-rat.Socialist party of DC and their Coup of America.  All available at this link: /v3/contributor/bio/?uid=713008 Video channel: 

The focus of our work over the last 15 years has been to investigate the Legal and Governance system operating in America at Federal, State, County, City etc.. Conclusion: the entire legal system in America is illegally operated by Constitutionally-banned foreign agents that run America for foreign interests. This means Constitutionally-banned foreign agents run nearly every now Occupied counterfeit government Office in the nation. It is further concluded these Constitutional banned foreign agents have literally been engaged in a Mixed War against the American people, relying on lawfare while farming Americans to pfofit the International Bankers (aka Human Trafficking) and the CROWN / VATICAN system in a silent war with America since the War of Indepence. 

See for more and proof that the original organic United States Constitution post 1819 was modified and orchestrated to bring America under a foreign Corporate Democracy [Socialistic Mob-rule] as a path to destroy the Republic and the peoples guarantee of a Republican form of Government to advance the Luciferian Roman Cults Talmudic New World Order Agenda.

The following letter was sent to Trump via US Military alerting those loyal to the American people to this state of affairs with certified government proofs of claim. /new-world-order/2020/12/letter-to-trump-and-us-military-on-lawfare-mixed-war-color-of-lawauthorityoffice-constitutionally-banned-foreign-agents-fake-weaponized-courts-etc-time-to-take-back-america-from-the-parasites-9526.html


Video Introduction:

If anything is clear at this moment, it is the fact that no one is coming to save us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Evil forces have worked long and hard to enslave us, farm us and to divide us.  Our resilience, strength, and intelligence has been gravely underestimated. Now is the time to put all our differences aside. United we stand. Divided we fall.

We are counting on each other to spur the Great Awakening in each community across the nation. It is your duty to pass out fliers to point people to the truth about COV ID 19 84 Plandemic and the truth about about what is trying to pass itself off as Government in your state!

In America, we have been ruled under a Counterfeit Government staffed by foreign Corporate actors increasingly since the 1860′s. Those calling themselves Government today can NOT produce a lawful valid Oath or Bond to the Organic constitutions.

The fifty states were couped between 1934 – 1954 depending on which state you are in.  Foreign Corporate De facto Governments were established to rule the physical states even though these Foreign US Sub Territorial / Municipal corporations have NO lawful jurisdiction on the state or of the people there on!  As a result State Governments are foreign Corporations operating as if they were your Organic Government. As a result they have absolutly no lawful authority to violate your unalienable rights, yet they do so with impunity through monumental acts of fraud, sedition and treason! 


The United States is a Government De Facto, a Crown / Vatican created and owned Corporation and it has been that way since the late 1860′s! As Casey said – everything is a lie! I do mean everything told to us by so-called “Government” and its owned and operated ZIONazi Media, especially on Banking, Law, History, Science. Medicine etc. 




Alternative Media has exposed the Cabal Plans and called out the Criminals behind the Global PsyOp.

Writer contributing to Sites / Channels like,, HighImpactFlix,, and thousands of other Alternative Media channels have shredded the cabal COV ID 1984 plan, the players and still US Corp. Government have failed to call out the criminals and Act to try and punish them! We still see them parading around on stage almost every day spinning their lies! Thankfully the Italian Government named a few of the culprits which has shammed those other Governments that have not:


WAKE THE $%^& UP people of America, Britain, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia ….. WORLD while you still can!

Make no mistake, Judas Goats were preparing for your slaughter!  Trump MAY BE be on our side but he is also batting for the Rothschilds Zionists which is a BIG RED FLAG! Either way, it would be very foolish to sit back and wait to be saved by someone else! ALL need to now awake and awaken the next! Please see the notes below after reviewing the Video!

Please share and wake up as many as possible to the real threat facing Billions of people right now!  

Click Video link or image:          


America: Contrary to what you have been told all of your life, America’s organic governments have been usurped by foreign parasites over the last 208 years. Our original enemies infiltrated control of America without needing to invade us (ongoing since the 1860′s). They took control of America by taking control of our Governance systems, the law and the so called Money System. If you do not understand the history and evils of the money changers please see the link to an article on the Money Changers near the bottom of this page together with information on who has been running the Federal Reserve, BIS, UN etc! 

We have long had Foreign corporations masquerading as our Organic We the people governments.  As a result we are being unlawfully ruled by a counterfeit parasitic De facto Corporate Governance.  A Corporate Democracy operated by DC Crown – Vatican Corporations instead of through what we were sold by teachers, Gov. Co., which is that we are governed by We the people Organic states compact governance at the Federal level, that guaranteed us a republican form of governance at the state level.

If this sounds ridiculous to you, take a look at this short video (recognize that flag?): 


More here: What is Internal Displacement:

What we have ACTING as if it is a founding father, we the people governance, is foreign Corporate governance structure all under the Vatican Luciferian cult, all orchestrated by banned foreign agents (as explained below) at both Federal and state levels. Trump may be the first American in the White House for generations that is not in Office in violation of the Titles of Nobility Act of 1819 and therefore is actually eligile for the Office of the lawful The United States of America Government vacated in the 1860′s!  [See: ].


The Significance on the Organic Constitutional Amendment XIII of 1810, ratified 1819:

At this time the De facto fifty State of State Governances are also DC US Sub Corps. limited to the District of Criminals jurisdiction only. Lawfully speaking, these parasitic Crown / Vatican Municipal / Territorial Corporations masquerading as lawful We the people Governance can not undo the organic laws of the nation and states! They have no such authority as explained herein. 

These facts should be coming in to focus by awaking Americans as they look at what certain so called States Governances, County Corps., Governances (foreign DC Corporations) are actually doing now, as they violate our immutable organic laws with impunity such that even the most uninformed American can now see that what they believed the law of the land was supposed to be has has been jetisoned by so called Politicians without any lawful reason or authority. All should be able to realize that certain seditionist / traitor Governors are acting as Caesar and making the law up (private rules and codes masquerading as law) to suit their masters (Luciferian cult) New World Order Global take over agenda.  

Trump may not have known these facts when he came in to office! He must do by now! We have been writing to him about this since he entered office.

By now you should realize that which is masquerading as We the people “Government” wants you injected with Poisons (Vaccines) that is likely able to rewrite your DNA, that may well contain a Binary Trigger that will allow for a second Wave (Genocide event) triggered by 5G or some other external trigger. They also want to make sure you are Marked with their Digital ID likely contained in the GATES / FAUCI Vaccine!


More Public Health Mafia Connections! – A Must Amazing Polly Video!


Censored Dr. Kaufman: “They Want To Genetically Modify Us With COVID-19 Vaccine” – Lost His Job and Willing to Go to Jail to Resist (Video)

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci & Big Pharma Lost a Massive Supreme Court Case in USA

“Suicided” Neurologist Andrew Moulden Exposed Vaccine Fraud

The Latest From Dr. Rashid Buttar! The Second Virus Wave Is Coming! – Must See Video

Ole Dammegard’s Most Important Video Ever

U.S. Government Loses Landmark Vaccine Lawsuit

Vaccine Whistleblower: New Vaccine Causes Sterility In 97% of Women! – Must See Video

Italian government call for arrest of Bill Gates

COVID-19 Pre-Filled Syringes with RFID Tracking

Bill Gates Admits That As Many As 700,000 People Could Die From The COVID-19 Vaccine He Keeps Insisting Everyone Must Take When It’s Ready

TRUMP TAKES Hydroxychloroquine: President Trump Says He Takes Preventive Measures

The Micro-Chipped New World Order! – Must Video

H.R. 6666 – The Nullifying Your 4th Amendment and Forcibly Separating Your Family to Keep You ‘Safe’ Act


Government actors will tell you they need to track you to keep you safe from COV ID 1984 (Certificate Of Virus ID) or the next Great CDC/WHO Manufactured Plandemic and that you should download the Government contact tracing (24/7/365 Surveillance} phone Ap!

Be absolutely clear, it is your duty to tell the actors pushing the lies where to go on all counts including edicts like Lockdown, standing 6FT Under apart from one another, not working and providing for your family, forced to wear Masks etc! If people ignored unlawful Government edicts (private rules and codes masquerading as law) the Plandemic would end tomorrow! 

Ignore all  Tyrannical Demands issued by parasites calling themselves Government!  If these actors were Lawful Government they would be following our Organic Laws and NOT violating our Unalienable rights. They have violated every principal of law written by our framers / English American common law and engaged in International War Crimes of the Global Population.

The actors pretending to be government are Order follower fools that have been so dumbed down that they have lost their ability to critically think through the Obvious lies they have been told!

The Genocide agenda has long been a part of the Black Nobility Luciferian Cabal New World Order Agenda that you will find detailed on the left margin (NWO-101) of

Remember everything you have been told by Government about everything is a lie!  This is your 1776 moment if you are in America and your Battle of Britain moment if you are in Britain! Stand up and be counted! Awaken your communities to what is going on! 

Please take the breadcrumbs offered up in this video and below and run with them!   


The Italian government member call for the arrest of Bill Gates

World is waking up to the RFID vaccine implant.


Also –

MUST SEE #2: Hopefully Trump has read this by now! Understand the Robber Baron Tax Exempt Foundations have been used to DESTROY America for the New World Order: See this video:


Norman Dodd – Remarkable Expose of the Tax Exempt Foundations that conspired to overthrow American Sovereignty

Fauci was aware of the efficacy of HCQ as early as 2005 so why did he lie on the stand and in front of Trump / America. They had another agenda!

ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING SMOKING GUN ON DR. FAUCI. He know HCQ Potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus!! by Jsnip4

Article Jsnip4 is Reading: Fauci knew about HCQ in 2005 — nobody needed to die

Article: The $20 Solution to Coronavirus: ‘Anecdotal Evidence’ Is a Life-Saver

NCBI: Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread …and… .pdf

Global research: A Report on Successful Treatment of Coronavirus by Dr. Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko

People. it was the Zionist – Talmudic bankers!

Previous posts digging deeper:

American Shadow Government

Americans have again been looted by banned foreign agents behind the PARASITE USRael Corp., just like they did in 2008, 1933, 1913, 1890′s, 1860′s…  USRael Corp. used the totally manufactured COV “ID” 19″84″ to create Trillions in USD Federal Reserve Military Debt Script notes ($6T) which will likely be used to spend on themsleves and on expanding their New World Order Prison Planet Technocracy (i.e. 5G etc) while Americans that think they are USRael Corp. Citizens of DC will foot with the Bill (Assuming they do not WTFU)!

The 1933 False Flag ended up with the American people having their Gold Stollen by the Luciferian Cult lin (See image below), together with the American people being made an enemy of the STATE (1933 Trading with the Enemy Act) and being enslaved under the USRael Corporation (Emergency Banking Relief Act), where the American people (deceptivly classed as United States Citizens) were placed on the hook for backing the Federal Reserve Human Trafficking System that issues Talmudic Usury Debt Notes. This is why there is 2.0M + Americans in jail most of which NEVER violated our Organic Laws or ever saw a lawful trial or Court.  The People have been bonded by the Khazarian Talmud Luciferian cult Bankers:   



The Khazarian Talmudic Mafia aka Roman cult have for millennia been obsessed with World Domination. Check out the links here:

…It should be noted that the Rothschilds crime cartel (Vatican Bankers since 1822) are regarded as the head of the Khazarian Mafia snake leading the One World Government push!  Understand the evil of the Money Changers!

The Rothschilds Mantra:

“I care not what puppet  is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the  British Empire and I control the British money supply.”   - Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Rothschilds through Blood Line family Proxies control the FED, BIS, IMF and the UNITED NATIONS who’s original ownership is found below (click hyper link). 

There is an ongoing dialog as to whether the Rothschilds – Crown Cabal control England!  I suggest people re-read the quote above for an answer to the question and take NMR’s words in his own statement. 

So what about America:

The Oganic Federal Government created by the Organic states was couped at the so called Civil War by the Crown – Vatican – Rothschilds cabal… 

Since 1871 a Counterfeit United States Corporation has ruled over America which between 1938 – 1954 usurped the Organic state Governances and created Corporations masquerading as the Orginal Organic state governances! This US Corp and fifty State of State Corps. ONLY have lawful jurisdiction in DC and only over their creations, ie Other corporations! 

Since the Civil War period America has been orchestrated by the aforementioned Luciferian Cabal, aka Shadow Government and its CROWN agents which now includes 1.3M banned attorneys illegally operating in America in violation of the 1819 Titles of Nobility Amendment to the Organic Constitution number JUST XIII Amendments!  

Through control of US Corp the Luciferian cabal has been able to leach America out of its substance and enslave the American people. The Enslavement of the people was facilitated through  creation of the Federal Reserve Act. By 1933 the UNITED STATES established a Human Trafficking System trafficking every American! 

FEDERAL RESERVE Money System original ownership is not a Governmental entity. It is entirely a criminal cabal created and operated entity that has been used to destroy America and loot it! Please note the UNITED NATIONS Corp. is similarly owned and its goal is forging a One World Government! 

Rothschild Bank of London
Rothschild Bank of Berlin
Warburg Bank of Hamburg
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
Lazard Brothers of Paris
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
Goldman, Sachs of New York
Lehman Brothers of New York
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

Based on the above control of the US Corps money system, please again consider the NMR quote: … 

This should help you understand why the Rothschilds United States gave Rothschilds Israel  $233.7Bn ++++ over six decades? 

Rothschilds admits their Family created Israel:

Rothschilds expose (servants to the Black Nobility):


The “UN” is a corporation founded in France several years before the United Nations Charter was ever created. And here, for your edification, are the Principal Parties of Interest driving the “UN Agenda”—– Current version UN Corp dba World Bank dba FEDERAL RESERVE — 52% owned by Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin; 8% owned by Lazard Freres Bank of Paris; 8% owned by Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, 8% owned by Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; 6% owned by Lehman Brothers of New York; 6% owned by Kuhn Loeb of New York; 6% owned by Chase Manhattan/Rockefeller Bank of New York; 6% owned by Goldman Sachs. (There may be some changes in ownership(s) since this list was compiled, but the above is accurate for the most part.)

So what you should understand from the Above is that the Rothschilds – Crown – Vatican cabal is in an end game to lock down Humanity! This plan includes Agenda 2030 and the culling of 90% of the people! Rothschilds WHO wants to have us all ID2020′d and carry a Vaccine Cert around!

Those that are hopelessly lost and oblivious to what is going on, or OK with the Rothschilds – Luciferian Roman cult agenda will continue to follow the rules of the foreign corporate rulers and do nothing. Those that are awake and pissed off twill organize and wake up everyone and ignore the parasites… 

The Luciferian Sun – Saturn Worshipping New World Order Death cult Gloves have come off! America, its awake/ing people and maybe Trump are the only thing stopping the New World Order taking the planet down as long intended, prior to its agents moving to trigger a multifaceted global Genocide program (assuming Trump is not part of the cult). That is the cold hard truth!


That which has been running a Counterfeit We the people Government in the USA for over 150 years has no more use for the America people now that it has built its New World Order International infrastructure. Like any farmer when its done with the “Live Stock”  its culls the heard! The Luciferian cult human farmners rely on Vaccines, Fluoridation, Chemtrails, EMF pollution including Smart Meters, WiFi, 5G which are are all Depopulation technologies…. 


The Problem With Wall Street21
To New World Order on Sunday May 17 2020 05:49

May 15th update: 5G Circuit Board labelled COV-19, Coincidence… this is a reminder that we have good reason to look harder at 5G and how it could be used by those that just took the World down on FAKE Media, lies, crooked science and quite literally caused Genocide that may end up getting worse if1060
To Healthcare on Thursday May 14 2020 08:12

Doctors Standing up: Riverside California Dr. Addresses Crowd: Dr. Jeff Barkey, slams Handling of COVID Plandemic; Yvette Lozano from Dallas, talks to crowd at Get Back to Work rally about MEDIA FEAR PORN, MEDICAL SYSTEM FRAUD, FAKE PLANDEMIC NUMBERS and HCQ Experiences!154
To Healthcare on Thursday May 14 2020 07:17

Doctors Standing up: Riverside California Dr. Addresses Crowd: Dr. Jeff Barkey, slams Handling of COVID Plandemic; Yvette Lozano from Dallas, talks to crowd at Get Back to Work rally about MEDIA FEAR PORN, MEDICAL SYSTEM FRAUD, FAKE PLANDEMIC NUMBERS and HCQ Experiences!112
To Healthcare on Wednesday May 13 2020 19:32

UK Column Whistleblower reveals British Government is engaged in an ongoing Psychological Warfare Program against 65M Brits405
To New World Order on Tuesday May 12 2020 19:19

COV “ID” 1984, a Worldwide Staged Luciferian Roman Cabal Controlled De Facto Gov. Co. – Shadow Government False Flag. Exposing the Luciferian Talmudic Roman Cabal attempt to take over the World, c. 1302 – 2020!1433
To New World Order on Saturday May 09 2020 08:12

YOU TUBE REMOVED PLADEMIC-MOVIE, find it here: – Judy Mikovits rightly burns Fauci and the New World Order Medical Cabal214
To Healthcare on Wednesday May 06 2020 10:49

Pastor Exposes New World Order Luciferian Cabal Take Over, please share with those still sleeping!212
To New World Order on Tuesday May 05 2020 08:11

Breaking News (updated): Busted – Documents Exposing that COVID-19’84′ Plandemic is a World Economic Forum, Rothschild’s UN/CIA/Mockingbird Media, Crown – Vatican – US Corporation De Facto Government Production Amounting to a Declaration of War on 7.8 Billion people… Message to Prime Minister John12676
To New World Order on Tuesday Apr 28 2020 19:57

Breaking News – Vaccine Update!3345
To Health on Saturday Apr 25 2020 04:26

Coronavirus… What If?344
To New World Order on Friday Apr 24 2020 18:59

NWO COV “ID” 1984 – 911 International Luciferian Cabal Psyop / A Global 911 Style False Flag.518
To U. S. Politics on Thursday Apr 23 2020 11:11

Red Alert Update – Apr. 14. 3.0: Gathering Evidence Suggests the New World Order Luciferian Roman Criminal Cabal have made their move to replace their Vatican / Crown Banking and Governance Slavery System for their Long Threatened Demonic One World Government Slavery System… What Are You Going to21146
To New World Order on Friday Apr 10 2020 22:31

Domain Name Registered in 2002: Used by WHO! Everything You Have Been Told by Government, CIA Crown-Zio-Corp. Mockingbird Media Is a Lie! Connecting 1860′s Coup of America, the Enslavement of the American People to the WHO-5G-Corona-Virus / Election-Cycle-Virus! This Revelation Begs4700
To New World Order on Saturday Feb 29 2020 02:58

UPDATED: WARNING: 5G Human Command & Control, THE TRUTH IS >>> The Coronavirus PlayBook Is already Written. Are we being subjected to fear- porn by the usual Military Psyop Professionals! See my earlier articles on this linked below1030
To New World Order on Thursday Feb 27 2020 22:47

Updated April 18th 2020: Warning – 5G & Hive Mind: Breaking: Q Is for the Queen’s Qinetiq? – NWO Global PSYOP – Coronavirus Patent; Unraveling the Talmudic Global Fascist Conspiracy: Who Is Behind the Coronavirus Patent? Connections Between Rothschild/Crown – Pirbright Institute; Queen’s Qinet4203
To New World Order on Thursday Feb 27 2020 13:51

Major Update: Do you get it yet? Exposing CROWN Corp. running Global Intelligence and weaponization of everything to control Humanity: Banned foreign agents have been running America since the 1860′s… The Swamp is the UNITED STATES Corp. and its fifty STATE OF STATES Sub. Corps. !1524
To New World Order on Wednesday Feb 26 2020 20:53

(Update from AVR. See end) America unlawfully under Military Government / Military Authority of the Crown / Vatican Old World Order Roman cult, 1863 – 2020: Are 300 Million+ Americans living under the spell of the Stockholm Syndrome [...& Billions of others]? What if the UNITED STATES had you l3862
To Power Elite on Saturday Feb 22 2020 01:51

Dear Mr. President, how to clean the Swamp out over night! Titles of Nobility Act (aka TONA) and Title 10 Section 253, Obstruction of State and Federal Law! Enforce already organic law / De Facto Law and take back the de jure Office!3307
To Banksters on Friday Jan 17 2020 20:07

Walter Burien, introduction to the Federal Reserve’s Annual Z.1.Report raw data table and the looting of the American people146
To U. S. Politics on Sunday Jan 12 2020 13:29

A 2.3 Trillion Lawsuit unveiled against Big Tech Giants like Google, FB, Deep Mind Inc, Tesla, Alphabet Inc, Zuckerberg, EMusk.are using AI that endangers the entire human race working along side China.446
To New World Order on Monday Dec 23 2019 23:58

Trump Signed Executive Order Showing Loyalties are to Rothschild created Israel and not America or American Foundational Principles Like Free Speech!11717
To New World Order on Saturday Dec 14 2019 19:49

Update with Video by AVR and RDS: Dear President Donald John Trump, our Nation Was Overthrown in the 1860′s by the Vatican/Crown! What are We Doing About It?5190
To Awakening? Start Here on Monday Nov 25 2019 05:49

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